Mockery Single-Player Games, EA Games Attacked by Netizens

It seems there is no doubt that the publisher of EA Games often gets a lot of criticism. Especially in its multiplayer game offerings which are considered to have a pay-to-win system because the microtransaction aspect is too excessive. Now, they have gone viral again after ridiculing single-player games via Twitter, which of course made netizens furious, especially gamers and single-player game connoisseurs.

Either it’s intentional to promote its multiplayer game or maybe it’s just a joke. But the tweet still reaped a lot of criticism and sarcasm comments from Twitter users. Besides the cruelty of the netizen’s response, uniquely some of them even responded with funny comments, although some of these jokes still contained hidden criticism.

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Right on July 1, 2022, Electronic Arts’ Twitter account uploaded a tweet containing “They’re a 10 but they only like single-player games”, with the intention of mocking that it’s useless to have a beautiful face if his hobby is only playing single-player games.

Currently, the tweet can be said to be viral and has counted 1,426 retweets, 25.8 thousand likes and hundreds of replies or full responses to criticism and unique comments from netizens. Not only general Twitter users, but several well-known public figures also participated in providing comments regarding the controversial tweet.

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Videogamedunkey, Paul Tassi, Jackseptieye and a number of other content creators were seen participating in voicing their criticisms through sarcasm comments. Not only public figures, even Vince Zampella, who is the developer of EA’s games, also replied to the tweet with the “facepalm” emoticon, indicating his disappointment.

A few hours later, the publisher of the FIFA game again uploaded a tweet in response to his controversial opinion. The tweet reads that they accept all criticism and acknowledge that single-player game players deserve appreciation. Even though he has received his reward, until now his previous tweets are still filled with criticism as the number of replies continues to increase.

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This incident can be said to be quite ironic, especially with the Battlefield 2042 game which is considered to lack support for various problems. This reduces the interest of the players, even reaching a fairly low number of active players.

What’s more, the company previously closed several studios working on single-player games such as Visceral games, which is known as the developer of the Dead Space series. They also briefly canceled the Star Wars game project by Uncharted game creator Amy Hennig. So it’s not surprising that tweets that might be meant only as jokes can cause controversy.

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Hopefully, this incident can also be a warning that no matter how popular multiplayer games are, it will not affect the enthusiasm of gamers to continue playing single-player games. Also read other articles related to EA Games and other latest news from Lauda Ifram. For further information and other inquiries, you can contact us via [email protected]

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