Miles Teller Reacts To Marvel & DC Fan

Miles Teller reacts to Marvel and DC fan casting placing him in the roles of Green Lantern and Nova, expressing an interest in playing both. Though his first effort in the genre didn’t go well, Miles Teller is ready to return to the world of superheroes and has responded to fan casting of Green Lantern and Nova. Teller, best known for his breakout performance in Whiplash and more recently in the long-gestating Top Gun: Maverick, previously tried his hand at the superhero field with 2015’s Fantastic Four movie reboot. The film was an infamous critical and commercial flop amidst various creative differences between director Josh Trank, co-writer Jeremy Slater and studio 20th Century Fox.

Green Lantern has similarly seen a troubled history on the big screen, beginning with the Ryan Reynolds-led 2011 movie, which underperformed at the box office and was poorly received by critics and audiences alike, leading to the cancellation of plans for multiple sequels. Zack Snyder would begin laying the groundwork for a Green Lantern to appear in the DC Extended Universe with Justice League, with a flashback revealing the existence of multiple Lanterns and filming a cameo with Wayne T. Carr playing the John Stewart incarnation for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, though this was cut by Warner Bros. due to future plans for the character. With Green Lantern’s future looking bright at the studio, one star is eager to get in on the cosmic adventures.

Teller’s discussion of wanting to appear in a Green Lantern or Nova project comes as DC and Marvel have various projects involving both characters in the works for their comic book franchises. A Green Lantern Corps movie has languished in development hell for over six years for the DC Extended Universe, though is reportedly set to find new life as the HBO Max Green Lantern series will tie in to the film and is reportedly slated for a 2023 release. Marvel recently confirmed development on a Nova-centric project set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Moon Knight alum Sabir Pirzada, which is reportedly being developed as a Disney+ limited series. This isn’t the first time Miles Teller has expressed his interest in returning to the superhero genre, having similarly shared his love for comic book characters and fans this past May. While HBO Max’s Green Lantern series is stocked up on its cast, there are a number of Lanterns not yet cast for the DCEU, most notably Hal Jordan, and the early stages of Nova’s development leave the door wide open for Teller or any other star to fill in as the Marvel hero. In the meantime, audiences can catch up with Teller’s acclaimed work in Top Gun: Maverick in theaters now.

A Horrific One-Punch Man Monster is Returning

The secret mastermind behind the Monster Association has reappeared in One-Punch Man, but this time Tatsumaki/Tornado may not be able to stop her. There have been many major antagonists to appear throughout One-Punch Man’s Monster Association story arc, from the Hero Hunter Garou to the Monster King to an evil God who seeks the extermination of humanity. One of the most destructive villains, however, was already defeated—or so it appeared until the latest chapter, when it was revealed that Psykos was still alive.

Esper with psychic powers like Tatsumaki (Terrible Tornado) and Fubuki (Hellish Blizzard), Psykos was revealed as the mastermind behind the Monster Association, using a fake monster body by the name of Gyoro Gyoro to control and influence them. After being exposed, Psykos and the Monster King, Orochi, began a bizarre fusion, leading to the creation of a kaiju-sized monster with incredible power that Tatsumaki was only just barely able to defeat by shredding the very Earth and crashing it down on Psykos-Orochi like an asteroid from space. In chapter 165 (by Japanese numbering), in response to the appearance of a divinely-empowered Garou, Psykos reappears for the first time in 25 chapters, emerging from the rubble that Tatsumaki had left her buried in. Orochi was previously destroyed by Saitama, so there’s at least no risk of the massive fusion coming back, but Psykos’ survival at all may come as a surprise since she shouldn’t have too much more durability than the average human. Tatsumaki’s attack delivered a city-leveling amount of force, so presumably Psykos’ own powers must have offered some degree of protection. What’s interesting about her survival, however, isn’t so much her potential to continue rampaging as much as what knowledge she may possess about this God, as she comments on this immediately upon seeing Garou’s new look and abilities.

Psykos and Orochi were fused, this same God-being offered them power, an offer that she was all too happy to accept, both to prove her psychic superiority over the sisters and to have that feeling of a divine cosmic destiny. This didn’t help her to defeat Tatsumaki, however, so there’s no reason to think that Garou is unstoppable. On the other hand, Psykos knows full well what kind of power this God being actually wields and that what she tapped into was only an infinitesimal fraction; the S-class heroes still have no idea what’s going on, and the only one with any real awareness of this being at all is the often-absent top hero Blast. Whether out of a legitimate concern for the Earth (which has often been a rallying cry for One-Punch’s monsters) or simply out of spite for being forsaken, Psykos could provide the heroes with some critical intel to, if not win, at least survive matching up with Garou in this state. Of course, there’s also the possibility that if Psykos decides to aid the heroes, she may well be wiped out in exactly the same way God’s other chosen, Homeless Emperor, was. Whether she wants to help or not, Psykos’ fate may already be sealed. While Garou may be the heroes’ main concern for the moment, Psykos is currently a major wild card who could have some truly unpredictable impacts on how all this plays out. After all, even if Garou is defeated in this divinely empowered state, there’s still the source of those powers to contend with, and as it stands now, One-Punch Man’s heroes just aren’t equipped to defeat a God.

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