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Members of the Bloodstone Family in the Marvel Universe

Members of the Bloodstone Family in the Marvel Universe

The name Bloodstone has recently become a hot topic of discussion among Marvel fans. This can happen because one of her family members, Elsa Bloodstone, has just made her debut in the MCU. Through a special entitled Werewolf By Night, Elsa (Laura Donnelly) appears to claim the inheritance of her late father Ulysses Bloodstone. It is a Bloodstone heirloom that allows the user to do many things when dealing with monsters.

Regardless of the plot of Werewolf By Night and the prowess of its heritage, it’s pretty clear that the Bloodstones themselves are a very mysterious family in the Marvel universe. For this reason, this time we will discuss who the Bloodstone family members are in the Marvel Universe. Unbeknownst to us, it’s not only Ulysses and Elsa Bloodstone who are special. It turns out that almost all members of his family have their own uniqueness and greatness. Curious right? Check out the discussion below, geeks!

Ulysses Bloodstone

Bloodstone family history in the Marvel Universe, starting with the appearance of Ulysses in the comic Strange Tales #73 (1959) as a character named Frank. After sixteen years, Marvel introduced the modern name Ulysses Bloodstone in Marvel Presents #1 (1975). In fact, he is a skilled ghost hunter who has the heirloom of the Bloodgem as a source of power.

In addition to making his physique stronger, the Bloodgem that was fused with his breastbone, had made Ulysses immortal. It is said that he has lived for 10,000 years while waiting for the right moment to take revenge against the evil alien Hellfire Helix who had exterminated his tribe. After successfully avenging him, Ulysses finally died in the 20th century, leaving behind his wife and children.

Elise Bloodstone

Elise Bloodstone was originally a student majoring in archeology who recently revealed her identity in the comic Bloodstone #1 (2001). Long story short, he finally met Ulysses who at that time was already famous as a reliable monster hunter. They both then married and lived happily, until finally Elise gave birth to Elsa.

After Ulysses’ death, Elise and Elsa live in a heritage home in Boston. Elise herself had actually forbidden her son to become a monster hunter like his father. However, after Bloodgem fell into Elsa’s hands, she secretly violated her mother’s prohibition by becoming a monster hunter. This makes Elise very disappointed with Elsa’s choice, on the other hand she is also very worried about her child’s safety.

Elsa Bloodstone

Debuting alongside her mother, Elsa first appeared in the comic Bloodstone #1. He grew up with a very strict upbringing from Ulysses, this is what slowly made him interested in the world of monster hunters. After Ulysses’ death he finally begins to become a monster hunter without his mother’s knowledge. It all started after he got his late father’s Bloodgem.

Bloodgem itself has given a very powerful power to Elsa. Starting from super physical abilities, regeneration, to immunity to vampire bites. Interestingly, the greatness of the Bloodgem is also supported by his expertise in hand-to-hand combat and also the use of firearms. This is what finally made Elsa listed as the greatest monster hunter in history.

Cullen Bloodstone

Along with the move of the Bloodstone family to Boston, it turns out that Elise is pregnant with her second child from the late Ulysses. At the end of the Bloodstone comic, she finally gave birth to a son named Cullen Bloodstone. Years later in the comic Avengers Arena #1 (2012), Cullen re-emerges as a different person from when he was born. After his tenth birthday, it turns out that Cullen was trapped in the Klimtor Black Realm. This is what then makes Cullen’s soul possessed by the Glartrox parasite which can turn his body into a monster.

Lyra Bloodstone

Of all the members of the Bloodstone family, Lyra is a Bloodstone that Marvel recently introduced in Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 (2022). If you look at the chronological order, Lyra is actually a half-sister to Elsa and Cullen. Because he was the first child of Ulysses who was born about 10,000 years ago. However, at that time Ulysses used this child as a sacrifice with Nullgem, so that he could defeat Krakkan.

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