Meet Midnight Angel in Wakanda Forever!

Meet Midnight Angel in Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the closing film in Phase 4 of the MCU. Unlike MCU films in general, Wakanda Forever will open with a touching moment. Yep, the beginning of the film will show Wakanda grieving after T’Challa’s death. But we still don’t know what caused his death. Shuri and her family still can’t forget T’Challa’s sudden departure. But while the people of Wakanda are still grieving, a threat emerges from Namor, which disturbs the peace of Wakanda.

That’s why Shuri and the others had to rise from adversity to fight back against Namor. Well, in the Wakanda Forever trailer that was released for some time, we seem to soon see the debut of new armor from Wakanda that Midnight Angel will wear. Now before its debut, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with one of the best armor created by Wakanda.

Wakanda Armor

Geeks, actually in Marvel Comics, Wakanda has a lot of cool armor, and it’s not inferior to Tony Stark’s armor. With a myriad of advanced technologies that Wakanda has, and geniuses like Shuri, Wakanda is one of the most advanced cities in the world. Now there are several advanced armors made from Wakanda, one of which is familiar in our memories is the Black Panther armor. Made of Vibranium, the Black Panther armor holds a lot of sophistication, ranging from being able to absorb kinetic energy, and releasing kinetic energy as a weapon.

In addition, the Black Panther’s armor was a mobile tank. Yep, the armor is very impenetrable, and when T’Challa is in it, he will feel safe. In addition to the Black Panther armor, Wakanda has also made their version of the Hulkbuster armor. The armor is shown to be able to withstand Amadeus Cho, as he goes on a rampage and becomes the Hulk. And most recently, we were also introduced to another Wakandan armor called Midnight Angel.

Midnight Angel at Marvel Comics

Midnight Angel first debuted in the comic Doomwar #5, directed by Jonathan Mayberry and Scot Eaton. They are an elite fighting force from Wakanda, and a subgroup of the Dora Milaje. That’s why the Midnight Angel’s main goal is to protect the ruler of Wakanda, no matter what the cost. But interestingly, Midnight Angels are not ordinary troops because they are equipped with special armor that protects them. Several times they even added various experimental features to their own armor to match the Black Panther’s strength, and allow them to fly.

In Marvel Comics, Midnight Angel has protected Wakanda several times. One of his biggest moments was when they tried to kill Doctor Doom, after he stole Vibranium from their country. Midnight Angel is getting more and more popular when they have two new members, Aneka and Ayo. In the comics, Aneka and Ayo are lovers, who fight alongside T’Challa against the monarchy. But in the MCU, Ayo is different from the comics, where he is one of the high-ranking Dora Milaje, while Aneka will only appear in the Wakanda Forever film. With all his strength and armor, it was only natural that the Midnight Angel would be a difficult opponent for Namor and his troops later.

Midnight Angel in MCU

In the film Wakanda Forever, we will see how the Wakandan nation experienced a tremendous downturn. With T’Challa gone, they are unsure of their next move. Because Wakanda is fragile, Wakanda’s enemies will take advantage of the situation. That’s what ultimately makes Namor appear on the coast of Wakanda and start attacking. Wakanda needs new powers to stop Namor. Apart from Shuri and Ironheart, Wakanda needs a Midnight Angel to come down, and show Talocan that Wakanda won’t lose without a fight.

Since Ayo and Aneka will appear in Wakanda Forever, we still don’t know whether the two will have a romantic relationship or not, as in the comics. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how they will become a force that Namor must reckon with in the film. And even though Wakanda is weaker than before, that doesn’t mean that they won’t fight to protect Wakanda. Let’s just wait, geeks debut Midnight Angel in the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever later. Will they have a big role?