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MCU Predictions For Comic-Con 2022

Marvel Studios could introduce werewolves, mutants, planet eaters, and a multiversal war onstage at their SDCC 2022 panel after a three-year absence. Comic-Con returns to the San Diego Convention Center for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Marvel Studios will have a predictably large presence, leading to wild speculation about what they may announce for the MCU. The casting of Mahershala Ali as Blade was Marvel’s big announcement back in 2019, so there are considerable expectations surrounding what Comic-Con 2022 could reveal. Wild rumors of what audiences can expect have already emerged in the run-up to the MCU panel on July 23 via a “leak” posted on Reddit that went so far as to suggest that Steven Spielberg was being courted to direct the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four.

The Spielberg rumor has since been debunked, but it reflects the voracious appetite and wild speculation that surrounds information about Marvel’s SDCC Panel. While the involvement of Steven Spielberg and The Boys’ Anthony Starr with the MCU have both since been proved to be highly unlikely, there are some safe bets for what to expect from the panel. For example, Comic-Con acts as a big trade show for studios to promote their upcoming movies so attendees can, at the very least, expect to see a trailer for November’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. As for what else Marvel may have up their sleeves for the MCU panel, there are various other wild rumors and predictions circulating.

Avengers 5 Finally Be Announced At Comic-Con 2022? Marvel Studios has not announced the next Avengers movie yet, but San Diego Comic-Con 2022 could be where Avengers 5 is made official by Kevin Feige. Marvel Studios has yet to announce Avengers 5 is in development, but San Diego Comic-Con 2022 might be the perfect place to change that. In the three years since Avengers: Endgame served as the culmination of the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios has kept the status and future of the Avengers in a state of uncertainty. There have been over a dozen Marvel Cinematic Universe projects released since then with the movies and Disney+ shows combined, and there are roughly two dozen additional properties in various stages of development. Avengers 5 is not currently one of those officially announced projects, though.

The lack of an Avengers 5 announcement by Marvel Studios has left audiences wondering where the MCU is going. There is great speculation about which villain will be used next to unite the Avengers and which iconic comic foe could become the MCU’s next Thanos. Many are even wondering who exactly will be part of the Avengers team or if the next iteration of the “Avengers” that audiences see will be filled with young heroes or reformed villains instead of classic superheroes like Captain Marvel and Shang-Chi. All of these questions loom even larger because it is unclear when Avengers 5 will happen.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige could finally make the Avengers 5 announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Feige and Marvel once again have the prime Saturday night panel slot in Hall H, and this is where their love for theatrics has made big impressions before. It might seem too soon for some for Marvel to announce Avengers 5 just three years after Avengers: Endgame hit theaters, but the MCU slate already seems mostly locked in through 2024. The announcement of Avengers 5 at Comic-Con 2022 could confirm a release date in 2025 or later and even reveal whether Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Doom, or someone else will be the villain.

San Diego Comic-Con is a key marketing stop for Marvel Studios, and the first in-person event since the pandemic could prove to be bigger than ever. With the MCU currently setting up multiverses and mutants, it’s clear that the storytelling scope is continuing to expand in the MCU’s divisive Phase 4. This will likely be reflected in the panel on July 23, when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige takes to the stage to discuss their future plans for film and television. Here are some of the wilder things that Feige could announce for the MCU. Werewolf by Night has been heavily rumored to be the MCU’s secret Disney+ Halloween special for some time now, so it’s not the most outlandish possibility for an official Comic-Con announcement. However, if the rumors are confirmed to be true then it would mark a significant shift in tone for the franchise While the MCU has been moving away from the more grounded reality of its early phases for some time now, there’s been more of a focus on science fiction, rather than horror movie concepts. Even the gods of Thor: Love and Thunder feel more like sci-fi characters than mythical ones.

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