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Marvel Studios Spiderman: Freshman Year Animated Series Appears at San Diego Comic Con 2022

Marvel Studios animated series Spiderman: Freshman Year, getting an update at San Diego Comic Con 2022. Spiderman: Freshman Year will tell the story of Peter Parker before he became Spiderman in the MCU. At San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2022, Spiderman: Freshman Year reveals some surprising things.

One of the things that was revealed for Spiderman: Freshman Year was that Marvel presented the figure of Norman Osborn as Peter Parker’s mentor. As is known, Tony Stark aka Iron Man has become his mentor in the MCU.

Stark has been a father figure to Peter and also a motivator who always wanted Peter to be a much better person than he was. During the Marvel Studios animation panel at SDCC, they confirmed that Norman Osborn would be Peter Parker’s mentor.

An image shows Osborn waiting at home with Aunt May, much like the scene in Stark waiting for Peter in Captain America: Civil War to recruit him. The next picture shows Peter in a suit and in Osborn’s office.

Marvel Studios claims that the series will follow Peter Parker’s journey before becoming Spiderman in the MCU “before the events of Captain America: Civil War”.

In Spiderman: No Way Home, Osborn’s office, Oscorp, is not shown or does not exist at all. But the picture shows that Oscorp exists and exists in the MCU.

With the presence of Osborn as Peter’s mentor, the question is whether this series will be canon to the MCU?

If indeed Peter had known Osborn as his mentor, maybe in No Way Home there would be a conversation about that while talking to Doc Ock.

With some of these canon conflicts, is it possible that Spiderman: Freshman Year will happen in the multiverse? Considering Marvel’s words that the timeline for Spiderman: Freshman Year takes place before Peter becomes Spiderman, it’s a bit confusing.

If indeed Spiderman: Freshman Year canon into the MCU, it would be heartbreaking to know that a variant of his mentor Norman Osborn killed his aunt.

Production overview


While Marvel’s X-Men animated series was being produced by Saban, Spider-Man: The Animated Series was produced by the newly formed Marvel Films Animation (which was headed by Avi Arad) and was animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha with Korean studios. It was Marvel’s second longest running animated series (after X-Men: The Animated Series) and was the longest cartoon based on Spider-Man (until both shows were beat by Ultimate Spider-Man’s third season which reached 78 episodes as of September 2015).

he studio originally wanted the Martin Pasko who was a story editor for Batman: The Animated Series, but when negotiations broke down John Semper Jr. was called by Stan Lee. Stan Lee then told Semper that Martin Pasko had been fired. Semper was then brought on to work on the show immediately.

In 1994, Semper began working on Spider-Man: The Animated Series as a story editor. However, upon starting his job he learned that no writing had been done. Semper then took it upon himself to write the scripts for every episode except for five.

Once in a secure position, John Semper made his first demand of the combined Fox-Marvel forces by making them buy him a complete collection of Spider-Man comics. Fox and Marvel had the idea that armed with six trade paperbacks, Semper was going to create a 65-episode series. However, he told them no, invest the money in the books and they could use them for reference. Semper got his comics and as 1993 moved into 1994 the story editor began researching more than 30 years of Spider-Man lore – building the foundation of the series.

Marvel had no creative control on the tv series because at the time Marvel was in a tough time and close to bankruptcy. However, Stan Lee had influence on the shows first thirteen episodes.

In preparation for creating the the series Semper watched every Spider-Man series that preceded his, both live action and animated, and especially drew inspiration from the Spider-Man cartoon from 1967. However, Semper knew that he didn’t want to create a series like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

Avi Arad always intended Spider-Man: The Animated Series to be “one big toy commercial” which caused disagreements between Semper and Arad. At one point Arad almost fired Semper. However, John Semper Jr. and Avi Arad found common ground when Arad realized that a good show could sell toys better than anything else. Arad was dead set against using Madame Web because he felt that he couldn’t create a toy out of her. However, Semper wanted to use her for the series big finale. Semper was eventually able to use her.

According to John Semper Jr. he was forbidden from doing season long story arcs but did it anyways and almost got fired for it. However, he was allowed to get away with it because Marvel was dealing with their financial problems. Semper has stated that he is proud that he did season long arcs because it forced the viewers to pay attention. Semper has also said that he is proud of the fact that he made enemies over this decision.

When Night of the Lizard first aired Spider-Man: The Animated Series became an instant hit. Because of this the heads at Fox were considering bumping the series’ episode order from 65 to 100. However, this did not happen.

The villains Sandman and Electro could not be used in the series because James Cameron was planning to use them in a Spider-Man movie he was going to make. The film ended up not being made and toward the end of the series Semper got to use Electro but ran out of time on the series before he could use Sandman.

Spider-Man was forbidden from appearing on any other Marvel cartoon on Fox Kids and The Incredible Hulk which aired on UPN. However, he did make very brief cameos in The Incredible Hulk and X-Men: The Animated Series.

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