Man-Bull Becomes the Main Villain Hint in She-Hulk?

Man-Bull Becomes the Main Villain Hint in She-Hulk?

The She-Hulk: Attorney At Law series has just aired its seventh episode entitled ‘The Retreat’. There are a number of interesting things that happened in this episode, one of which was the news about movies the breakdown of the power barrier of Emil aka Abomination. Which in the end forced Jen to check on Emil’s condition at his meditation place. In the process, he is faced with a Man-Bull fight and El Aguila, who ends up accidentally damaging his car. Interestingly, the appearance of Man-Bull is what might answer our questions so far regarding the main villain in the She-Hulk series.

There are so many reasons why the appearance of Man-Bull (Nate Hurd) is quite interesting. Two of them have the potential to make the She-Hulk story even more exciting. The first is the fact that Man-Bull is one of Daredevil’s enemies in the comics. Matt Murdock aka Daredevil himself has been confirmed to appear in the She-Hulk series. Second, he has a fairly close relationship with a villain who often conducts experiments on humans. Who is she? Before that, let’s discuss how the story of his meeting with Man-Bull in the Marvel Universe.

Man-Bull Boss at Marvel Comics

Long before becoming a ‘bull demon‘, Man-Bull was a petty criminal named William Taurens whose physiology was like a normal human. In the comic Daredevil #78 (1971) by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan, he appears with his partner Itch after getting an assignment from a villain who orders him to carry out a kidnapping. The worst thing is that this kidnapping is very random, because William only gets instructions to kidnap people on the streets. Which later he will bring to a figure named Professor, as a guinea pig for illegal experiments.

Fortunately, before William could complete his task, Daredevil came first to thwart his kidnapping. It was because of this failure that Bull was punished by his superiors to undergo the experiment himself. He then received an injection of a mysterious serum that eventually turned his body into a furry monster, complete with horns like a bull. It is at this point that he begins to become a Man-Bull who uses his superhuman physical strength to carry out kidnappings again. Fortunately, Daredevil again thwarted him and managed to throw Man-Bull into prison.

Initially, not a few thought that Man-Bull’s boss was Professor. In fact, the one who had instructed Man-Bull’s kidnapping was a villain named Mr. Kline. Professor is nothing more than one of his subordinates who gets orders to conduct experiments on humans. Where is Mr. Kline’s goal is to create an army of monsters that can defeat superheroes, including Daredevil.

Mr. Kline Wants to Change the Future

In the Marvel Universe, Mr. Kline itself is a supervillain whose appearance is fairly short. He only appeared in the comic Daredevil (1971), as Man-Bull’s boss who wanted to defeat Daredevil. To then change the future to match his expectations. This can happen because it turns out Mr. Kline is an android named MK-9 that comes from an alternate future that has been destroyed. He arrives in the main timeline to change the future so that there is no such catastrophe in his universe. However, the way he does it is too ambitious and also against the morals of superheroes.

In one of his attempts, Mr. Kline even threatened Matt alias Daredevil’s best friend, Foggy Nelson, to gain control of the Prosecutor’s Office. With his influence on the prosecutor’s office he can play the law to facilitate other endeavors. Including trying to defame Tony Stark, which was finally thwarted by Iron Man himself. Because of these wrong ways, Mr. Kline finally had to face off against Daredevil, who had previously managed to capture Man-Bull.

Long story short, when Mr. Kline managed to lure Daredevil to Switzerland to end his career as a superhero and lawyer, Daredevil had no other choice but to immediately arrest him. With the help of Black Widow, Daredevil fought quite fiercely with Mr. Kline. While the fight was still going on, two other androids from the future appeared who shot Mr. Kline with laser beam. It was at this point that Mr. Kline ends, where his android body explodes with nothing left.

Is it true Mr. Main Kline Villain at She-Hulk

Based on the discussion above, you may have got a little idea why Mr. Kline could have appeared as the main villain in the She-Hulk series. Mr. Kline is an ambitious villain who does everything he can to achieve his goals. He even went so far as to conduct experiments to create an army of monsters to be able to fight the superheroes. We can imagine how terrible it would be if he was the mastermind behind the theft of the She-Hulk blood sample. If this theory is true, it is not impossible Mr. Kline will use the blood to produce the ‘Hulk’ army.

In addition, Mr. Kline also has an interest in mastering the law. Where this is closely related to the work of Jen aka She-Hulk as a lawyer. Is all this just a coincidence? If true Mr. Kline will appear and he really wants to rule the law and create an army of Hulk, the climax of the She-Hulk TV series looks like it will be very interesting. Luckily, She-Hulk isn’t alone, as Daredevil will be coming to his aid soon.

That’s a discussion of the Man-Bull theory as a clue to the main villain in the She-Hulk series. In this series, Man-Bull may have repented and he will reveal who the person who has changed his physiology is. That way, She-Hulk will later meet Mr. Kline. At the end of episode seven it was also revealed that the former She-Hulk named Josh turned out to be a figure named ‘Hulk-King’ on the Intelligencia website. He manages to get a sample of the She-Hulk’s blood and maybe he’s actually Mr. Kline. What do you think? We’ll see if it’s true, geeks.

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