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Lou Ferrigno’s Son Heads to the Outer Banks

Andy McQueen and Fiona Palomo are also on board for the season. More characters are heading down to the shores of the Outer Banks to join in on the treasure hunt! Today, Deadline revealed that Andy McQueen (Mrs. Davis, Station Eleven), Fiona Palomo (Control Z, La Negociadora), and Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, Stargirl) have signed on to join the Season 3 cast of the Netflix series. The three newcomers will add their names to the call sheet which also includes the previously announced returning likes of Austin North, Charles Esten, and Carlacia Grant.

Outer Banks takes place on the islands of the same name that dot the coastline of North Carolina and centers around a close group of high school friends known as the “Pogues.” When mystery and intrigue strike, the pals head out on the adventure of a lifetime to track down a rumored treasure that may also uncover the truth behind one of the member’s missing fathers. But, they’ll run into some trouble along the way as the Pogues’ rival group, a crew of wealthy teens known as the “Kooks,” is hot on their trail and hoping to find the bounty first. After a close encounter with death, Season 2 saw its leading characters, John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) hiding out in the Bahamas. With the loot still lurking out there somewhere, John B, Sarah, and the rest of the Pogues are determined to regroup and lay claim to the prize.

Season 3 will see McQueen playing a Caribbean Don known as Carlos Singh, a man who has the brains, brawn, and grit to make the hidden treasure his own. Palomo will step into the role of Sofia, who begrudgingly identifies as a Pogue, although she wishes she could be part of the Kooks crowd. Ferrigno Jr. will portray Ryan, Singh’s well seasoned and obedient right-hand man. Also returning to Season 3 will be Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, and Drew Starkey. Likewise, series creators, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke, will again serve as showrunners and executive producers. Following two massively successful seasons, we don’t expect anything less from the third installment of the treasure hunting drama. First hitting the streamer in April 2020, the wave of excitement following the show’s second season return would launch it to hold down the No. 1 spot globally on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Series (English) for a month following its debut.

Modern TV Series That Highlight Gen-Z Culture ‘Euphoria’ isn’t the only show with a finger on the pulse. In today’s television landscape, characters born on the cusp of the new millennium (Gen-Z) are faced with constant and ever-present change. These shows depict the progressive and complicated drama of high school students, as well as career and life aspirations of young 20-somethings.

Since Gen-Z can be used to define anyone born roughly between 1997-2012, characters and viewers alike can resonate with an array of themes about diversity, sexuality, identity, and more. Euphoria has come to define this age, from the clothing and aesthetic to the very personality of the various characters – but it’s not the only modern series to highlight Gen-Z culture.

The college experience on screen has proven difficult in cinematic history. It’s not just about the parties, but also isn’t framed around the educational experience entirely. Sex Lives of College Girls also shows the girls’ grappling with things like their sexuality, prejudices, life goals, and financial status. And it’s not always for the better. As Kaling told Collider in an interview, “Life can be really hard on campuses for young women, and we wanted to show all of that, and not just the fun, sexy part, but the parts that were a little uglier, to be honest.”

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