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Logan Lerman & Joey King Star in ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’

Logan Lerman & Joey King Star in ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’

Hulu features the stars of ‘Percy Jackson’ and ‘The Princess’ in a series set in the Holocaust.

We Were The Lucky Ones’ is a limited series based on a 2017 novel by Georgia Hunter of the same name. This series will feature 8 episodes that will tell the story of how a Jewish family survives the Holocaust. They tragically separated during the Second World War and hope to be reunited, despite the desperation that surrounds them as they endure the atrocities of war.

Most recently, Logan Lerman starred in ‘Bullet Train’ alongside Brad Pitt. In the series ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’, Logan Lerman will be the middle child of this family named Addy. 25 year old Addy, is an adventurer at heart, who doubles as a successful engineer and music composer.

Joey King, who previously starred in ‘The Act’ and ‘The Princess’, has confirmed his appearance in the series, although there is no word yet on his role.

As for the director, the series has hired Thomas Kail, director of ‘Hamilton’, to head the direction of the series.

In addition, the novel’s author, Georgia Hunter, will join as executive producer. Reporting from Collider, Variety reports that Georgia Hunter is one of the descendants of Holocaust victims, so the novel ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’ seems to have a connection with her.

“I will never forget that day, when I was fifteen, I learned that I came from a family of Holocaust victims,” ​​said Georgia Hunter.

“It was a discovery that changed my life, inspiring a decade-long journey to unearth and record my family’s story,” explains Hunter.

There’s no other information from Hulu for the series yet, but if the story is going to follow the novel in detail, the series will follow the Kurc family in search of freedom from war in 1939. They take refuge, are imprisoned, and become warriors in their lives. In the novel ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’, this story is proof that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can find a way to survive, and even win.

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