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Local Comics Tahilalats Announce Collaboration with Crayon Shinchan

Local Comics Tahilalats Announce Collaboration with Crayon Shinchan

Local comics or animations are getting more and more successful. This time, the web comic character Tahilalats announced a partnership with the world-famous cartoon character, Cryaon Sinchan.

Crayon Sinchan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui in 1992. The mischievous Sinchan was later adapted into television stories and broadcast in more than 30 countries in the world, including Indonesia. Until now, Crayon Shinchan still airs every Sunday morning on RCTI.

Regional Director of Animation International Indonesia, Helena Irma K, explained the background of the collaboration between Tahilalts and Crayon Sinchan. According to him, this is because there are similarities in DNA in terms of humor and markets.

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“In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Shinchan, so we wanted to show something different. Tahilalats and Crayon Shinchan will soon launch a series of collaborations to satisfy fans and release the longing for Crayon Shinchan characters,” said Helena.

This collaboration will later be displayed in the form of several activities such as the creation of special content on social media, and collaboration with more than 15 well-known brands. Tahilalats and Crayon Shinchan will also hold a surprise event in December 2022.

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Rahman Azhari as CEO of Mindblow welcomed Tahilalats’ collaboration with Crayon Sinchan. According to him, this will have a positive impact on Indonesia’s creative industry.

“This momentum is a sign of the rise of the creative industry in Indonesia. Slowly but surely, local creators are starting to gain a place on the world stage and are expected to continue to provide their best work and make the nation proud,” said Rahman.

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