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Law & Order: Organized Crime Crew Member Killed Gunman

Gunman shot and killed a member of the Law & Order: Organized Crime crew as he was sitting in his vehicle early Tuesday morning. Law & Order: Organized Crime crew was shot and killed while on the show’s New York City set. One of three current Law & Order shows on NBC, Law & Order: Organized Crime follows former Special Victims Unit officer Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) as he works as part of a specialized organized crime task force. The show first aired in 2021 and concluded its second season in May of this year.

NBC has since renewed Law & Order: Organized Crime for a third season, which is scheduled to premiere on NBC later this fall. In addition to Meloni, the show also stars Danielle Moné Truitt, Tamara Taylor, Ainsley Seigor, Dylan McDermott, and Nona Parker-Johnson. As important as Law & Order: Organized Crimes’ stars is the show’s New York City backdrop. The series is filmed on-location in the city, with scenes shot around Queens, Brooklyn, and other well-known locations. Law & Order: Organized Crime is set to crossover with Law & Order: SVU and the main Law & Order series later this year in a special episode.

Law & Order: SVU Season 24, the longest-running show in Dick Wolf’s New York cop franchise, will return to NBC for season 24, and here’s what we know. NBC’s long-running crime procedural Law & Order: SVU is officially returning for season 24, meaning bad news for New York City’s fictional criminals. While there’s been many more launched since, Law & Order: SVU was the first spinoff of the original Law & Order show, debuting in 1999. At the time of SVU’s launch, it’s unlikely most would have predicted the spinoff would outlast the original, much less possibly reach 30 seasons before all is said and done. Such has been the staying power of SVU, despite its grisly, sexually-charged subject matter.

Originally led by police partners Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), SVU has since experienced lots of cast changes, but like the original Law & Order has proven resilient to losing steam as a result. SVU’s procedural formula allows for plugging new players into the mix whenever needed, and for the most part moving along unabated. Still, longtime viewers were certainly happy to see the recurring return of Meloni as Stabler during SVU seasons 22 and 23. Law & Order show recently resurrected, SVU returning for season 24, and Stabler starring in another spinoff subtitled Organized Crime, the Dick Wolf-created franchise continues to dominate NBC’s primetime line-up. SVU is at this point the elder statesman of the crime procedural world, but still often shows the new contenders in the genre how it should be done. Here’s everything that’s known about Law & Order: SVU season 23.

Connection To The Law & Order The X-Files exists in a world where monsters and aliens are real, but a season 5 cameo also means it shares a universe with the Law & Order franchise. X-Files season 5 canonically places the show within the Law & Order universe. To be fair, The X-Files and Law & Order do have some things in common. At their core, both are crime procedural dramas, albeit with monsters and aliens involved on The X-Files, and elements of legal drama thrown in on Law & Order. They’re also both long-running programs, although The X-Files’ 11-season run certainly is dwarfed by the over 20 seasons of Law & Order and its first spinoff SVU.

Beyond that though, there likely isn’t that much crossover between diehard fans of The X-Files’ mix of investigative sci-fi horror and diehard fans of Law & Order’s gritty look at the criminal justice system. The X-Files definitely isn’t a stranger to weird crossovers though, as Mulder and Scully once got animated for a trip to Springfield on The Simpsons, and even starred in an in-universe episode of fellow long-running FOX series Cops. The fateful episode that forever bound The X-Files and the Law & Order-verse together came in season 5’s “Unusual Suspects,” which primarily served as a flashback story detailing how Mulder first became acquainted with The Lone Gunmen trio. The Gunmen are arrested and shortly after, are interrogated by a very familiar cop—Detective John Munch (Richard Belzer), a character best known for Law & Order: SVU. Munch was a regular on SVU for its first 15 seasons. Perhaps the oddest thing about The X-Files existing within the Law & Order universe is that when “Unusual Suspects” aired in 1997, including Belzer’s Munch wasn’t actually meant to be a Law & Order crossover. At that time, Munch was still a part of the cop show he debuted on, that being NBC’s Homicide: Life on the Street. After Homicide, which was a critical darling, ended, Munch jumped over to SVU, and the rest is history. Little did anyone involved with “Unusual Suspects” know that they were also forever tying The X-Files to the massive Law & Order franchise.

New York City set of Law & Order: Organized Crime was struck by tragedy early on Tuesday morning when a gunman shot and killed a member of the crew. The victim, confirmed to be a 31-year-old parking enforcement officer, is believed to have been sitting in his vehicle when an unidentified man approached the vehicle and shot him multiple times. The victim was pronounced dead after being taken to a nearby hospital, and it’s currently unclear whether the set had been established or if the shooting was close to where filming was to occur.

Law & Order: Organized Crime shooting was perpetrated by an outside party, and seemingly not the result of an accident. With the victim having been pronounced dead early this morning, the investigation into the death is still ongoing, and the NYPD is currently conducting interviews and taking statements from potential witnesses. More details regarding the fatal shooting are likely to emerge in the coming days as police gather more information in the hopes of making an arrest.

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