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Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Comic Will Be Adapted into Anime

Everyone knows Keanu Reeves as one of the most versatile actors. However, not a few know about his writing career. Together with acclaimed comic book writers Matt Kindt and Ron Garney as illustrators, Keanu Reeves has been working on the comic book series project BRZRKR, which now consists of 12 volumes and will be published by Boom Studios in 2021.

With over 650,000 copies sold over its first issue, BRZRKR has actually broken campaign records and raised $1.45 million USD in funding for Kickstarter and become the best-selling comic of the 21st century.

BRZRKR Comics Get Anime Adaptation

Keanu Reeves admits that since childhood he has loved anime, even though he doesn’t understand the type of Japanese animation. He started to get along while working with Wachowski which saw him watch Ghost in the Shell and the anime Akira to prepare for The Matrix film.

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Summarizing Anime News Network, during an information panel at San Diego Comic-Con International announced, that the BRZRKR comics will be animated by Studio Production I.G. from Japan. The studio is known for contributing to popular anime series such as Ghost in the Shell, Haikyuu, Psycho-Pass, Kuroka no Basket, Kimi no Todoke, Moriarity no Patriot, and Great Pretender.

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The information panel also stated that the anime series is planned to receive two seasons and premiere on Netflix following the release of the live-action film. Previously in March 2021, Neflix had announced the acquisition of the rights to the BRZRKR comic for adaptation of the feature film and anime series. Later in the anime adaptation, efforts are being made to expand the universe and explore various story elements packaged in comics.

Story Summary:

An immortal warrior, known as Berzerker. He is a half-human and half-god who has wandered the earth for centuries. But finally, he found refuge and is now working with the US government. Meanwhile the government uses ‘B’ to fight most battles. dangerous. In return he asks for the truth of his endless existence bathed in blood…”

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In the anime series, Keanu Reeves will also lend his voice character to bring the protagonist “B” to life. Although, statements about Keanu Reeves can be encouraging, but until now there has been no clear certainty regarding the official release date and visual appearance of the BRZRKR anime.

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