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Kanye West Protests After Pete Davidson Tattoos ‘About His Kids’

Kanye West Protests After Pete Davidson Tattoos ‘About His Kids’

The feud between American celebrities Kanye West and Pete Davidson is still ongoing. Kanye again quipped and attacked Pete on social media even though Ariana Grande’s ex-girlfriend has separated from Kim Kardashian.

This time, Kanye protested after Pete allegedly got tattoos for his four children with Kim, namely North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. The reason is, on the right side of Pete’s neck his initials are written in large letters that read KNSCP.

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The tattoo was later interpreted as Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Pete also wrote a tattoo that reads “My Girl is a Lawyer which means my lover is a lawyer. The tattoo refers to Kim who has just passed the bar exam. Photos of Pete’s tattoos can be seen on the following page.

Because of this, Kanye was angry and protested against Pete drawing tattoos about his children without his permission. The 44-year-old rapper protested because he thought Pete had nothing to do with his four children.

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Through an Instagram post that has now been deleted, Pete asked about the reason Pete got the tattoo. “Ask Pete why my kids’ tattoos got into the trauma unit?”. The trauma unit Kanye was referring to was the fact that Pete deliberately went to a psychiatrist after admitting to having mental health problems because of Kanye’s comments on social media.

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As is known, Pete is now reportedly receiving treatment and psychiatric therapy due to online harassment by Kanye. Pete is also reportedly traumatized after receiving repeated threats and insults from Kanye.

“The concern and negativity that came from Kanye and his antics was the trigger for Pete to have to seek (psychological therapy) help,” an insider told People.

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