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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Commemorates 4 Years along with a Impressive Teaser

Shonen Leap launches an extreme new trailer towards measure the Japanese launch of Jujutsu Kaisen’s 19th intensity and also the fourth wedding anniversary of the series.

Shonen Leap launched a new Jujutsu Kaisen manga trailer.

The moody new online video each ensures the launch of the dark dream manga’s 19th intensity and also commemorates the 4th wedding anniversary of the series’ initial magazine. The 19th intensity was actually launched in Japan on April 4 is actually included phases coming from the Tokyo No. 1 Swarm arc, which finds series heroes Yuji Itadori and also Megumi Fushiguro participating in the dangerous Culling Video activity. The online video presents some fo the vital personalities of the arc, consisting of the district attorney Hiroshi Higuruma and also the villainous sorcerer Reggie Celebrity.

While Shonen Leap is actually right now commemorating the 4th wedding anniversary of the magazine of Jujustu Kaisen’s 1st phase in March 2018, it is well really truly worth keeping in mind that the 1st tale embeded in the series’ connection wased initially released a year previously. In the 2017 manga actually qualified Tokyo Cosmopolitan Curse Specialized University, Gege Akutami offered visitors towards Jujutsu Higher and also the globe of Curses and sorcerers. This very early function offered much of the principles and also personalities, consisting of Yuta Okkotsu and also the instructor Satoru Gojo, that will later on be actually grown after in Akutami’s 2018 series. The manga was actually later on relabelled towards Jujutsu Kaisen 0 towards demonstrate its own relationship towards Akutami’s later on wreck reached. The prequel tale was actually adjusted in the series’ 1st flick, which was actually launched in Japan final December and also worldwide in March. The flick was actually the best box-office entertainer in Japan for 2021 and also is actually right now presently among the best 10 highest-grossing anime flicks of perpetuity.

Besides the new online video, the series is actually noting its own 4th wedding anniversary along with an amount of product giveaways in Japan, and also new deal with fine craft that debuted on the very most latest concern of Once a week Shonen Leap.

The principal Jujutsu Kaisen series says to the tale of Yuji Itadori, a higher university pupil that is actually as selflessly types as he is actually uncommonly powerful. After his good close friends mistakenly discharge a strong Curse — a beast produced through the damaging feelings of humankind — at their university, Yuji eats a historical relic if you want to conserve all of them, and also unintentionally comes to be the new, residing jail for the spirit of Ryomen Sukuna, an heinous sorcerer whose spirit was actually closed away far back. Right now drawn right in to the disagreement in between Curses and also the sorcerers that quit all of them coming from preying on humankind, Yuji has to know how you can management Sukuna’s powers just before the historical sorcerer takes management of him.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is actually on call in English coming from VIZ Media. The 1st season of the anime is actually on call for streaming on Crunchyroll. A 2nd season of the reveal has actually been actually affirmed to become in development and also is actually presently booked towards best in 2023.

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