Jennifer Lopez’s Romantic Surprise She Gave Ben Affleck on their Wedding Day

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The celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are known to have been officially married since July 16, 2022. The two of them officially said the sacred vows of marriage in Las Vegas. JLo and Ben then held a reception in Georgia on August 20, 2020.

JLo and Ben held an intimate reception party attended by family and close friends. Therefore, many fans are so curious about their wedding event. Interestingly, JLo was willing to open up about the atmosphere and interesting moments that occurred during the reception process.

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The most interesting moment was when JLo told the special surprise he had prepared for Ben. JLo said Ben was shocked and could not speak after seeing the surprise he had prepared.

It is known, JLo managed to bring musician Marc Cohn to the party. In retrospect, Ben and JLo were once engaged and planned to get married. The relationship was established around 2001-2004. Unfortunately, the marriage plan failed for some reason.

Investigate a calibaration, Ben and JLo apparently had a plan to bring Marc Cohn to their party. The two wanted to see Marc sing the song “True Companion” at their wedding.

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Unexpectedly, the plan was successfully realized after 20 years. JLo surprises Ben by realizing a number of small plans they have devised in the past.

Luckily for JLo, Marc was willing to attend his wedding reception. “Even though Ben didn’t know, I asked Marc to surprise him by singing it at our wedding and he was beautiful and generous to come,” JLo said on her official website OntheJlo.

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On the other hand, JLo also told how she and Ben brought their five children together. It is known, Ben has three children with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Meanwhile, JLo has two children with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

“Not only did we marry each other but we also married the children. It became a new family. They were the only people we asked to defend us at our wedding. For our honor and joy, each one did,” beber JLo.