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Japan’s original version of Takeshi Castle is back in 2023

Japan’s original version of Takeshi Castle is back in 2023

For the 90s generation, you must be familiar with Japanese television shows, Takeshi’s Castle or Takeshi Fortress. After years of broadcasting on Indonesian television channels, the plan is to re-create Takeshi Fort in 2023.

This time, the event will be broadcast via the streaming app, Amazon Prime. Initially, Takeshi Fort premiered from 1986 to 1990. Apparently, the show was well-liked by Asian audiences.

Since then, many events similar to Takeshi Castle have been born. However, there are still many people who still love the original Japanese version of Takeshi Castle.

This legendary Japanese television show has also been broadcast on Indonesian TV channels several years ago. Usually, the event is attended by hundreds of contestants who will compete to complete various physical challenges.

Participants who successfully complete all the obstacles will get a prize in the form of money.

The obstacles provided are also quite difficult to overcome. Not infrequently, participants have fallen in the early stages. Indirectly, this event is similar to the game in the phenomenal Korean drama, Squid Game. However, the obstacles presented in the show are certainly much safer than in the drama.

The host, Takeshi Kitano, who is now 75 years old, will also return to his castle to witness the struggles of the participants. Reportedly, this event will be presented on the streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. In addition, the previous series will also be broadcast on the platform.

Amazon Studios Asia Pacific Erika North said that they are focusing on investing in Japanese talent in presenting content that is expected to be of high quality.

“We believe stories from Japanese creators will excite not only viewers in Japan, but also audiences around the world,” said an Amazon representative

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