How The Force Awakens Tried To Kill The Sith & Failed

How The Force Awakens Tried To Kill The Sith & Failed

The Power Awakens tried to take away itself from the Jedi and Sith duality; nevertheless, The Rise of Skywalker proves that it was by no means attainable.

Ever because the premiere of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope the duality of the drive, the sunshine and darkish sides have been prevalent in Star Wars media, however the first movie of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars Episode VII: The Power Awakens, sought and failed to maneuver away from this duality. Together with the sunshine/darkish themes which might be prevalent in Star Wars, it additionally launched audiences to the Jedi order and their enemies, the Sith. Whereas the Sith weren’t too outstanding within the authentic trilogy, the prequels did.

The prequel’s wanted to closely function the Sith and Sith lords to raised perceive Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the Sith’s affect and the darkish aspect. Whereas the prequels exceeded expectations when it got here to displaying the facility of the darkish aspect, it additionally made Star Wars media very closely depending on Sith lords and their Jedi counterparts. When it got here time to start out making the sequel motion pictures, there was an effort to maneuver away from the Jedi and Sith duality audiences had develop into so accustomed to.

How Power Awakens Tried To Ignore The Sith

The Power Awakens made many efforts to maneuver away from the story of the Sith and focus predominately on the Jedi. Director JJ Abrams denied that each Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) and Supreme Chief Snoke had been Sith lords. This didn’t take advantage of sense as a result of each Kylo Ren and Snoke had attributes that had been intently associated to the Sith. For instance, Ren wielded a crimson lightsaber, one thing typical of the Sith. Moreover, when Rey, Han Solo, Chewie, and Finn meet Maz Kanata, she talks of the Sith as in the event that they had been a factor of the previous.

Killing The Sith Was Half Of Star Wars’ Prequel Rollback

This transfer away from the Sith in The Power Awakens was deliberate. With a purpose to differentiate themselves from the then-perceived mediocre prequel movies, the primary installment of the sequels purposefully separated itself from the Sith. As a result of the prequels centered so closely on the Sith and significantly Anakin Skywalker’s flip in the direction of the darkish aspect, the sequels initially tried to do concentrate on one thing else.

At the moment, there was an awesome quantity of Star Wars media that featured the Sith in predominant roles, comparable to The Clone Wars animated present. The Clone Wars explored the Jedi order between two of the prequel movies, which made it simply as reliant on that includes the Sith as the films did. The Power Awakens tried to convey one thing new to Star Wars, however the trilogy finally went again to its roots by that includes the Sith versus the Jedi in later movies.

The Rise Of Skywalker Undid The Power Awakens’ Sith Change

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker went again on what had beforehand been established in regards to the Sith having been exterminated. Quite a lot of the film revolved across the Sith and their secrets and techniques. There was the dagger that was discovered by Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewie, C-3PO, and BB-8. The inscription on the dagger was in an historical Sith language that solely C-3PO might learn. The Rise of Skywalker additionally featured a Sith Wayfinder from the wreckage of the second Dying Star. That’s to not point out the return of the Sith lord Darth Sidious, also called former Emperor Palpatine. The plot of the film revolves across the return of Palpatine and the right way to cease him and Kylo Ren from taking up the galaxy with the ultimate order.

By bringing again Palpatine and making Rey Palpatine’s granddaughter, The Rise of Skywalker introduced the Sith again to the forefront of Star Wars. Not solely did they convey again essentially the most highly effective Sith lord audiences have seen, however additionally they introduced in additional questions concerning the Sith. Moreover, Sith temples had been seen earlier than in Star Wars Rebels, however the temple seen on Exegol appeared to have extra issues regarding the Sith’s future than the Sith temple seen in Rebels on Malachore.

Whereas The Power Awakens isn’t the very best Star Wars movie, it did try to do one thing completely different and produce new voices into the galaxy different than simply the Sith and Jedi. Nevertheless, the truth that neither Kylo Ren nor Supreme Chief Snoke had been thought of a part of the Sith was complicated and didn’t make a variety of sense. Due to this, the opposite two movies within the trilogy tried to repair this, and The Rise of Skywalker utterly undid all that was accomplished in The Power Awakens when it got here to eliminating the Sith.

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