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Heart transplant after parents fight for Dying baby

A 6-month-old baby suffering from a rare form of congenital heart disease has been approved for a transplant after his evangelical parents fought against orders to have him vaccinated.

August Stoll has now been added to the transplant list at Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, after his mother blasted the vaccine ultimatum in a post published on Tennessee Stands.

August was placed on a ventilator, and they have been scrambling to keep him stable ever since, mom Hannah Stoll wrote on June 24. His heart cannot even function well enough to help him breathe. He is in terrible condition. He is dying.

She continued: I firmly believe with absolute confidence that it is despicable, unethical, heartless, and disgusting to withhold a heart from a 6-month-old baby over this.

Hannah did not disclose which vaccines doctors had ordered August receive before being added to the transplant list.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6-month-old babies should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B, rotavirus, tetanus, pneumococcal, polio and haemophilus influenzae.

Meanwhile, last week the FDA authorized the COVID-19 vaccine for infants ages 6 months and older. Hannah and her husband, Clint, first rushed baby August to the hospital when he was 12 days old, claiming he almost died from heart failure.

After numerous stints in and out of the hospital in the ensuing months, August went in for open-heart surgery on June 8.

Doctors initially believed the procedure was successful, but later told the infant’s parents that it did not go as planned. The heartbroken mom and dad were informed that a transplant was their only hope — but baby August had to be vaccinated.

COVID vaccines for kids under 5

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized the first COVID-19 shots for infants and preschoolers — paving the way for vaccinations to begin as soon as next week.

The authorization, which still has to receive final approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, means American kids under 5 will now be eligible for the COVID vaccine — some 18 months after the shots first became available to adults.

Pfizer’s vaccine was authorized for children ages 6 months to 4 years, while the Moderna shot was given the green light for children ages 6 months to 17 years, according to the FDA.

The Pfizer shot had already been authorized for those over 5 years.

Children under 5 years — roughly 18 million youngsters — are the only age group in the US still unable to get the COVID vaccine.

The FDA’s action comes after its advisory panel unanimously recommended the Pfizer and Moderna shots for kids earlier this week. Many parents, caregivers and clinicians have been waiting for a vaccine for younger children and this action will help protect those down to 6 months of age, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said in a statement.

As we have seen with older age groups, we expect that the vaccines for younger children will provide protection from the most severe outcomes of COVID-19, such as hospitalization and death.

While young children generally don’t get as sick from COVID-19 as older kids and adults, their hospitalizations surged during the Omicron wave.

Studies from both Moderna and Pfizer showed some side effects in youngsters, including fever and fatigue, were mostly minor.

The CDC’s vaccine advisers are set to discuss the vaccines for youngsters on Friday and a vote is scheduled for Saturday.

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