HBO Video Game of The Last of Us Continued With Episode 2

HBO Video Game of The Last of Us Continued With Episode 2

The Final of Us episode 2 ended on a tragic word, offering many questions for the collection going ahead. After the climactic ending of The Final of Us episode 1, Joel and Tess proceed their journey with Ellie to the State Home the place the latter can be reunited with the Fireflies. The episode opens with the trio deciding whether or not to take the good distance or the brief means, each holding their justifiable share of identified and unknown risks.

Naturally, The Final of Us episode 2 takes its major characters the good distance first, earlier than having them double again to take the extra perilous brief means. This sees the trio face off towards Clickers earlier than reaching their vacation spot. Upon reaching the State Home, the episode – very similar to the ending of The Final of Us episode 1 – raised many questions whereas ending on a somber word becoming of the present’s bleak tone. That stated, right here is all the pieces in regards to the ending of The Final of Us episode 2 defined.

What Occurred To The Fireflies At The State Home?

One of many first questions that the ending of The Final of Us episode 2 raises is what occurred to the Fireflies that have been purported to take Ellie off Joel and Tess’ palms. When the trio reaches the constructing, they discover empty vans and barricades on the entrance. Upon getting into, they discover your entire crew of Fireflies lifeless. Joel deduces that one of many Fireflies was bitten and started spreading the an infection to his comrades. Ultimately, the non-infected fought the contaminated, leading to each Firefly dying. This places a dent in Joel and Tess’ plan, who have been banking on the Fireflies offering them with the means wanted to search out Tommy.

When Did Tess Get Bitten?

With The Final of Us’ fungi Cordyceps affecting the Fireflies, additionally it is revealed that Tess was bitten and contaminated by the parasite. Nevertheless, The Final of Us episode 2 doesn’t overtly present Tess being bitten, resulting in the query of when within the episode she was contaminated. Throughout the scene during which Joel, Tess, and Ellie face off towards two Clickers, there’s a giant portion the place Tess is separated from the others with a Clicker in tow. The episode then focuses completely on Joel and Ellie till the Clicker they’re dealing with is killed, earlier than Tess and the opposite Clicker come again into play.

It’s extremely probably that Tess was bitten throughout this unseen section, together with her displaying elevated bitterness and anger after exiting the museum. Whereas Ellie was proven being bitten, this doesn’t matter because of Ellie’s Final of Us immunity – however Tess was not as fortunate. Tess reveals her chew later on the episode’s finish after discovering the Fireflies lifeless within the State Home.

Why Tess Made Joel Proceed With Ellie

Tess’ chew and her response to it hyperlink to why she implored Joel to hold on their job with Ellie. Whereas Joel was set on giving up now that the Fireflies and their technique of reaching Tommy are lifeless, Tess appeared extra positive than ever about serving to Ellie attain her vacation spot. Tess desperately begins searching for a radio or a map to point the place the Fireflies have been going earlier than their premature demise. When Joel angrily refuses and tells Tess they’re going dwelling, she reveals the chew and subsequently her cause for her newfound desperation in serving to Ellie.

Tess begs Joel to take Ellie to Invoice and Frank, probably that means large issues in episode 3 because of the foreboding radio music in Final of Us episode 1. Tess reveals that, regardless of solely being bitten hours in the past across the identical time as Ellie’s second chew, hers is already worse. This grim destiny causes Tess to wholeheartedly consider that Ellie’s situation is actual and that the Fireflies may use it to heal the world and retroactively proper the wrongs she and Joel have dedicated.

Tess additionally says that she is asking this one factor of Joel, and that she has by no means requested something of him earlier than, together with to not really feel the way in which she feels. This offers the most important trace but at Joel and Tess’ relationship after the scene during which Tess and Joel are in mattress collectively in The Final of Us episode 1. One of many largest Joel and Tess relationship theories from the sport was that they have been romantically inclined. The ending of The Final of Us episode 2 confirms that, whereas they’ve been intimate with one another, Joel’s previous stopped him from committing to Tess as she did to him.

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