Game It Takes Two Successfully Sold Over 7 Million Copies Worldwide

Who doesn’t know the game It Takes Two? This multiplayer game that requires cooperation between 2 players has managed to steal the attention of many people. Thanks to its success, this game has sold 7 million copies worldwide.

Game It Takes Two Successfully Sold 7 Million Copies

This information was revealed by the developer Hazelight Studios through their official Twitter account. In a tweet, Hazelight Studios announced that the game It Takes Two has sold more than 7 million copies. This total sales are known to include both physical and digital versions worldwide.

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It Takes Two is an action-platform game created by developer Hazelight Studios and released by Publisher Electronic Arts. This game was first released on March 26, 2021 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC (Windows) platforms.

Just like the previous game made by the developer Hazelight Studios, entitled A Way Out, this game requires 2 players who work together online or locally with a Split Screen display.

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This game also received a lot of positive responses from many parties and was awarded as Game of the Year at the prestigious The Game Awards 2021 and also the 25th Annual D.I.C.E Awards.

That’s information about the latest game developer Hazelight Studio has successfully sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. Congratulations to the Hazelight Studio developers on their achievement.

Faramis Bug Can Pull Enemies to Base in Mobile Legends

One TikToker named Gnw Official proves that there is a Faramis Bug that can pull enemies to Base in Mobile Legends.

In the proof video, Faramis is seen successfully attracting enemies using Skill 1 and Spell Arrival. But this bug is not easy huh. You need the right timing, where after using Skill 1 towards the enemy, immediately use the Arrival Spell to attract the enemy.

Please note that this Faramis Bug can attract many enemies at once. So, if you get the right timing, it will be a very good turnaround in Mobile Legends.

Will this Faramis Bug Cause Imbalance in Mobile Legends? If you ask, will this Faramis Bug damage the Ranks in Mobile Legends? The answer is no.

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The reason is because there is a high possibility that this Bug will fail to use. After failing, then you need to wait for the Spell Arrival Cooldown which is quite long, which is 100 seconds. So, it’s not too bothersome huh.

However, if you are a smart type of player, then the chance to win the match when this Bug is successfully used will be higher. Especially if you manage to catch the enemy’s Core.

Well, that’s the news about the Faramis Bug in Mobile Legends after Revamp. Are you interested in trying it brott? Please comment below yes.

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