Freshman Year Image Reveals First Look At 9 Villains

A new Spider-Man: Freshman Year image from SDCC reveals a first look at nine villains from the highly-anticipated animated television series. A new Spider-Man: Freshman Year image reveals the first look at nine villains from the highly-anticipated animated television series. The new Disney+ show will be included in Marvel’s growing slate of animated projects alongside Marvel’s What If…?, Marvel Zombies, and X-Men ’97, a continuation of the original X-Men animated series from 1992. Spider-Man: Freshman Year is set to tell the beginning of Peter Parker’s journey as he grows into the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that Queens, NY grows to love.

Originally announced in November 2021, the upcoming Disney+ show was presumed to be a prequel series for Tom Holland’s MCU version of the web-slinger. However, new information from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con has revealed that the series will not exist within the MCU’s canon. It was recently announced that Tom Holland will also not be cast in the show to voice the titular character. However, Daredevil was recently confirmed to be included in the series with Charlie Cox, the character’s MCU actor, voicing the role.

MCU Show Can Spider-Man: Freshman Year will explore Peter Parker’s MCU origin story, and here are the questions the Spider-Man prequel show can answer. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is getting an animated prequel show, and here are all the Marvel Cinematic Universe questions Spider-Man: Freshman Year can answer. One of the many exciting MCU updates to come from Disney+ Day 2021 was the upcoming Spider-Man animated prequel. Marvel Studios and Disney confirmed that Spider-Man: Freshman Year will follow the MCU’s Peter Parker during his freshman year of high school. This setting will allow the series to expand Spider-Man’s MCU story and provide some answers to important questions.

Spider-Man’s time in the MCU began in Captain America: Civil War. It was in the 2016 team-up movie that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) recruited Holland’s Peter Parker to be part of Team Iron Man. This appearance directly led into Spider-Man: Homecoming and showed Peter taking on more responsibility as Spider-Man. All of this was set during Peter’s sophomore year of high school. Despite Avengers: Infinity War taking place two years later, the film coincides with Peter’s junior year, as his vanishing as part of Thanos’ snap meant repeating this portion of high school between Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is only after Parker’s ill-fated summer trip abroad that the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home take place, and the multiversal plot means it could provide plenty of changes to Spider-Man’s MCU future. Sony and Marvel Studios have yet to confirm what Spider-Man’s live-action future looks like after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the announcement of Spider-Man: Freshman Year means more of Peter’s backstory will be explored soon. The show is meant to be an origin story for Peter that shows him become the MCU’s Spider-Man. It’s also been described as a “journey unlike we’ve ever seen,” so the prequel series is likely to surprise in terms of what it reveals and focuses on. With that in mind, here are the MCU.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year is positioned to answer is what happened to the MCU’s Uncle Ben. Since Marvel Studios and Sony bypassed much of Peter’s MCU origin due to Spider-Man’s well-known story, that meant not showing a defining moment in his life. Uncle Ben’s death is a key part of Peter’s decision to become a superhero in the comics and has been depicted as being that important in past iterations of Spider-Man. The decision to not show Uncle Ben’s death again in the MCU is understandable to a degree, but there is no information currently available about what happened to him. Spider-Man’s prequel show can finally be a place for Marvel Studios to explain what happened to Uncle Ben.

The Spider-Man: Freshman Year panel at the San Diego Comic-Con reveals nine villains included in the upcoming animated show. Doctor Octopus stands front and center in the rogue’s gallery with various Marvel villains such as Chameleon and The Scorpion behind him. Harry Osborn, who takes the mantle of the Green Goblin in the comics, will also be included in the show, although he is not featured in this lineup. Check out the new Spider-Man: Freshman Year image below.

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