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Follow Three Anime Season Rookie Number Exclusive This Year!

Follow Three Anime Season Rookie Number Exclusive This Year!

It’s hard to believe that the Winter 2017 season is already getting ready to come to a close. Time is just flying by, I tell you.

Every season, or before every season rather, I usually take a look at what’s going to be coming up and find the ones that pique my interest. However, I find that I don’t actually follow through with keeping up with them throughout the season. Maybe I do it on purpose so I can watch it all in one go on a Friday night, or maybe it’s something else.

This season, I found myself in a unique situation, at least for me. I’m following three anime this season! Rookie number, I know. This is big coming from someone that didn’t follow any anime in the last season, though I did follow two the season before. My point being, I don’t follow that much anime as it comes out.

So… what am I watching? Well, since you asked, the first and foremost I have to mention is the second season of Konosuba. As soon as I heard it was going to be airing, I had to watch it. It’s my feel good anime every week. Especially since it comes out in the middle of the work week. Some laughs are surely welcomed.

Next, we have another feel good anime, Interviews with Monster Girls. I just happened to see a clip of this on Facebook and thought it was interesting, now I’m addicting. It is completely adorable and funny. This one is another feel good anime for me, but it’s more of a recovery anime.

What do I mean? Well, it helps me get over the craziness that happens in the anime I’m about to mention next…

Scum’s Wish. Yeah, this one isn’t on Crunchyroll or anything, and probably for good reason. It’s not bad… just the characters are terrible people. It takes on a more… mature… approach to the slice of life / romance anime shows. Catch my drift?

I pretty much spend every episode of Scum’s Wish yelling at the screen because the characters are doing something stupid. Thus, the need for Interviews with Monster Girls comes in. Happiness to the rescue!

So, there it is. The three anime shows that I am currently following this season. Once everything comes to a wrap, I might check out some of the other ones, but nothing really peaked my interest as of late. Though… I do keep seeing some loli dragon pop up all over social media, might need to see what that’s about.

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