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Why Hallmark’s Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar Kept Their Romance a Secret

Why Hallmark’s Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar Kept Their Romance a Secret

Katie Cassidy And Stephen Hussar revealed why they kept their blossoming romance a secret while filming their new Hallmark movie, A royal family Christmas.

“Obviously we have [were] professional and kept it that way. However, I felt like it was almost like there was this layer because he and I kind of knew this secret thing that no one else knew,” Cassidy, 36, said in exclusivity. We Weekly while promoting the film. “And we could let our guard down when our characters were supposed to and allow the space to fall into each other. I almost feel like it added some kind of element. We just couldn’t help it.

The star duo reunites in the holiday flick, which premieres Saturday, July 8 and is part of Hallmark’s Christmas in July event. The story follows Ava (Cassidy) as she accepts the offer of a lifetime to work at the Royal Ice Hotel where she finds herself in a surprise romance with the most important guest of all – Prince Henry (Huszar).

As the pair began shooting the film as strangers, sparks quickly began to fly — “When the chemistry is there, it’s right there,” Cassidy shared of her instant connection with Huszar.

“It’s definitely important to stay professional. Like we did, but, you know, the feelings come up,” Huszar agreed. “And personally for me, it just allows me to land a little more in the truth. I mean, our job is obviously to be as truthful as possible in these circumstances which are surreal, unreal. But when something goes off really inside of you, of course, that helps.

Cassidy – who confirmed that she and the Chesapeake ribs alum are a real-life fixture earlier this month – recalls meeting her boyfriend for the first time and being hesitant to work closely with another “pretty Canadian, really attractive” actor” named Stephen”. (Cassidy played alongside the Canada native stephen amell on The CW’s Arrow from 2012 to 2015 as Laurel Lance. She later returned as Black Canary.)

Katie Cassidy, Stephen Huszar in a Royal Christmas Crush
Courtesy of Hallmark Media

“But Stephane [Amell] was like a brother to me. Then, I don’t know, it was like, after the first week, I was like, in my own world-ish,” she said. Wesharing that it was about Huszar’s crystal bracelets – “I’m very attracted to [crystals]she explained — it made her wonder if there was something more blossoming between them. “I was like, ‘Wait a second. What do you know about these and why do you have them? Something’s going on here,'” she said.

“I remember there’s this scene in the barn where I’m literally watching him, and that was the moment for me. I am not joking. I’m, like, leaning on the table and he’s saying his lines and I like, I think I like almost falling off,” she gushed, admitting that she and Huszar later realized they had started falling in love with each other 30 seconds apart. ‘ while filming the ‘same scene’.

Cassidy added that the lovebirds also bonded over their sense of humor after playing a prank on Huszar with the rest of the cast and crew. “I made everyone [on set] start talking on set with a British accent,” she said. We, laughing. “So I think my British accent was maybe a bit charming. And I also told everyone they couldn’t call anymore [him] Stephane. They had to call [him] Prince Henry.

After filming wrapped — and the romance blossomed — the pair enjoyed some one-on-one time as they traveled the world. “We were just in Europe. We were also in New Zealand and Australia,” Huszar explained. Cassidy noted that the duo actually lost their luggage on the getaway, but still managed to have fun flying to different locations.

While Huszar revealed there will “be more travel” in the couple’s future, they are currently taking the summer off to relax and enjoy their love. “[It’s] a little regulation [in] right now, then probably followed by travel,” he said.

A royal crush for Christmas premieres on Hallmark Saturday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

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