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What’s popular streaming now

What’s popular streaming now

Each week, our TV and film experts will list the ten most important streaming selections for you to pop into your queues. We don’t operate strictly on reviews or accumulated streaming clicks (although yes, we’ve scoured the streaming site charts) but, instead, on picks that are truly worth noticing in the middle of the bubbling sea of ​​content. There are many, after all, and your time is precious.

TIES: 10. To do the housework (Documentary broadcast on Amazon Prime)

You may have seen Cleaning in the sun (a morbid little picture starring Emily Blunt and Amy Adams), and this film follows a similar subject matter with a documentary approach. The project involves a real life trauma cleanup company (exactly what it sounds like – they clean up after crime scenes and such) and its owner (Sandra Pankhurst), who keeps things running until an event in her personal life upsets her daily flow, and things eventually get out of hand. True crime junkies will want to at least try this one.

TIES: 10. Divert (Apple TV+ series)

Idris Elba must save the world, or at least save the life of a plane full of people whose air travel from Dubai to London is (as the title suggests) hijacked. Elba plays a shrewd negotiator now aiming to stop the hijackers who blackmailed(?) the pilot which is very odd as this must be some serious dirt for him to hand over 100 lives like this was nothing. This show is just getting started, so we’ll see if things get less weird (or potentially confusing) over time.

9. black mirror (Netflix series)

Even in 2023, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian tech-driven brainchild may succeed in creating almost as many enduring permutations as the Bandersnatch movie. This season has no shortage of fresh hell to infiltrate your dreams at night and expect pseudo-horror stories starring Salma Hayek, Zazie Beetz, Annie Murphy, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, Michael Cera, Paapa Essiedu and Rob Delaney. Plus, the one and only Rory Culkin continues to have a streaming moment even as Kieran toils not-so-quietly into a little ditty called Succession.

8. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves (MGM movie streaming on VOD and Amazon Prime)

Régé-Jean Page’s (armored) abs came out of their Bridgerton then, and now, he shares the screen with Chris Pine and a lute. The full ensemble – including Michelle Rodriguez being badass and Hugh Grant in total villain mode, chewing up scenery – have a blast bringing the spirit of role-playing to life, and it’s a lot of fun to boot. You’ll have as much fun watching this at home as you’ve ever (or maybe still) dug into a friend’s basement with some snacks and a bunch of fellow D&Ds.

7. Combinations (US series streaming on Netflix)

For unknown reasons, this show somehow made it to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 lists. Meghan Markle is obviously up to a lot of different drama these days, but here’s her old escape streak that’s also sparked the legal drama, albeit outside the courtroom on occasion. . This show is not Ally McBeal , but rather a nice old-fashioned mix of soapy office politics that kept people hooked. Those sex scenes that Prince Harry unfortunately watched didn’t detract from the appeal of this long-running series either.

6. Secret Invasion (Disney+ series)

The introductory episodes of this Marvel spy series bring back a tired-as-hell Nick Fury, who’s been down at work ever since Thanos screwed it all up with his genocidal staging. Yes, the show gives off a “last job” vibe, but Fury can’t count on being able to fade into the shadows, as the job involves the Skrulls largely heading into villain mode after being doomed. ‘one way or another useful during Captain Marvel. Also, you might see one or two longtime members of the MCU turn out not to be from this Earth, but thankfully Ben Mendelsohn still crushes it as a soda-sipping Talos. Additionally, Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman are making their MCU debuts.

5. Silo (Apple TV+ series)

Graham Yost has been a busy dude lately between getting a helping hand Justified: City Primeval and show this series of world-building (and world-destroying) about the last remnants of humanity residing in a massive underground silo. The first season only covers about half of the first Wool omnibus book, and it’s unclear if the next season will pick up in chronological order, or if Apple TV+ plans to cover Change or move into Dust. The edits to the source material so far have served the small-screen move well, and Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) kicks ass, though I can’t help but be distracted by the leather jacket. leather moved from Common. Looks like we could finally use an explanation there.

4. The Walking Dead: The Dead City (AMC series streaming on AMC+)

This franchise still has a lot of life. Series arch-enemies Maggie and Negan team up (basically because Maggie makes him do it) to save her son, Hershel, from the clutches of the Croat. The season is proving to be an exciting throwback and kicked off as a ratings hit, and fans are absolutely loving the likes of “Old Negan” he trucked out for this spinoff. He does this now for a different reason, which makes his ongoing “redemption” much more textured than during the series proper. Now we need a release date for Daryl in Paris.

3. Extraction 2 (Netflix Movie)

No one knew if the sequel could match the streaming numbers of Tyler Rake’s first movie, especially since streaming movie releases are more common than they were a few years ago. Still, Chris Hemsworth’s audience showed up a lot once again, which means we’ll probably see a third episode eventually. For now, we can rewatch this 21-minute action scene in one take and appreciate Hemsworth’s success when he’s not buried in a Thor wig.

2. i am a virgin (Amazon Prime Series)

Boots Riley does it again with another addition to your must-have list. The spirit behind sorry to disturb you is back with Jharrel Jerome as a giant teenager (yes, that’s right) who finally reveals himself to the world for some eye-opening lessons. The hero (played by Walton Goggins!) actually fights crime while being a comic book inspiration. It’s an age of storytelling like no other, and get ready because Riley is here to not only muddle storytelling tropes, but commodify everything. Plus, this show has so many surreal touches and sci-fi alliances that are incredibly delicious.

1. the bear (FX series streaming on Hulu)

What was once a dormant series is now an official juggernaut. The second season of this joint starring Jeremy Allen retains all the warmth of the original release with much more flavor and added texture. Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Richie ends up practically stealing the season, and hopefully Ayo Edebiri’s Sydney will one day open his own spot. Plus, the guest quotient this season is absolutely insane, so hopefully no one has ruined all those glorious cameos for you yet. That would be very disrespectful to all the chiefs.

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