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Valérie Bertinelli says ‘it’s beautiful on the other side’ of ‘narcissistic abuse’

Valérie Bertinelli says ‘it’s beautiful on the other side’ of ‘narcissistic abuse’

Proudly divorced Valérie Bertinelli is never shy about telling the world how gradual her healing journey has been.

Fans know Bertinelli has always been candid about her harrowing experience amid her rocky marriage and eventual divorce from financial planner Tom Vitale whom she constantly calls a narcissist.

As an abuse survivor, the TV host encourages other survivors by sending a strong message on social media involving light at the end of the tunnel.

Valérie Bertinelli sends an encouraging message to her fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse

The 63-year-old recently took to her Instagram story with a reel from The Rising Wonder Woman stream, conveying an illuminating message about narcissistic abuse. The note read, “I understand. True survivors of narcissistic abuse are not depressed; they just need 2-3 years to regulate their nervous system, which is like depression.

Valérie Bertinelli on narcissistic abuse

Bertinelli agreed with the statement adding a reassuring message to victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse: “Keep doing your inner work. It’s so beautiful on the other side!

Given the “Hot in Cleveland” actress’ experience with Vitale, she’s in no rush to get back into the dating scene despite more than six months since the exes’ divorce was finalized. Additionally, she was first married to Eddie Van Halen, the father of her son Wolfgang, before separating in 2001 and divorcing six years later.

Earlier this week, the “One Day At a Time” alum let fans know about his disinterest in romance using a TikTok video featuring BoyWithUke’s 2021 song, “Two Moons.” Parts of the clip were covered with “When someone asks me if I’m going to start dating soon”, and in response to the statement, Bertinelli paused briefly before lip-syncing, “Yeah, f**k No.”

More than 93,000 TikTok users were wowed by the post as they showered it with likes, while a few headed to the comments section to praise the ‘Valerie’s’ star. Home Cooking”. A fan agreed with his statement, writing “DITTO”, adding several laughing emojis. A second follower remarked that they couldn’t agree more before a third exclaimed, “Enjoy your life, Valerie!” F**k these men.

Another commenter jokingly asked if Bertinelli implied there was a chance she would come back dating. At the same time, a fifth user raved, “FREEDOM!!” Afterwards, a sixth person humorously confessed to liking “that video”, followed by others who opted for emojis in line with the media personality’s decision.

Valérie Bertinelli and her ex-husband Tom Vitale

The SAG Award nominee spoke about weathering the storm in 2022 and learning “so much”

Although Bertinelli didn’t have the best year 2022, she still had the perfect motivational words for her followers while saying 2023 would be her best year yet. Like the explosion reported, in March she uploaded a lengthy Insta Story video of herself walking through the woods in a black top under a brown wool jacket and complemented by a burgundy beanie and patterned sunglasses.

The ‘Touched by an Angel’ star began by noting how “stunning” the day was, especially the blue sky she turned the camera towards. She then described life as ‘great’ before telling viewers that blue skies were out no matter how bad the storm was, implying that people would ‘break the shit up’ over time no matter the circumstances .

Bertinelli added: “Yes, the storm is worth it. Because you’re learning so much, you come out the other side, like, ‘Hey, I’m my knight in shining armor. I got away with it.'” To end the update, she reminded her fans that people are more likely to get over most days they never thought they could get through.

The two-time Golden Globe Award winner continued her preaching in a second video, stating that she would take all the negative of 2022 because she felt positive about 2023.

Valerie Bertinelli at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards - Pasadena

She said, “You know what? It’s a glorious life. I’m gonna take the whole bad, shitty year I had last year, the worst of my worst. I’ll take it because I feel like it’s going to be my best year.

She added that it was “so good” and hoped viewers would feel the same. In the end, she urged them to go and have “a good year” before sending her love.

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