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Trump wanted a big rally for his second impeachment, but all he got was a modest rally of MAGA Yahoos

Trump wanted a big rally for his second impeachment, but all he got was a modest rally of MAGA Yahoos

The first time Donald Trump summoned a crowd to protest, or maybe even shut down, bad news coming his way, it didn’t go so well. On his first impeachment, he tried again, but this one failed, probably because his base was afraid of being treated like a certain Mr. Show alum. Was the third time – in Miami, for his second arraignment – the charm? No.

A report of The daily beast details the scene outside the federal courthouse in Florida’s most notorious city. Trump had waved to his supporters the other day, taking to social media to declare, “SEE YOU IN MIAMI TUESDAY!!!” Turnout was exponentially better than New York in April, which only attracted about… three, maybe six. But although it attracted hundreds of people, not the expected thousands, it was still, as Beast reporters reported, “humble.”

But at least it was colorful. Those who braved the Miami protest, unable to resist Trump’s siren song, were MAGA eccentrics. There was Osmany Estrada, who emigrated to the United States from Cuba on a raft when he was young, parading the courthouse grounds brandishing a pig’s head on a pike.

Was it a reference to the pig’s head in lord of the flies? Something else? Estrada had no good reason, although he assured reporters that the head was… very real. “Sometimes you just have to be bold,” he explained.

Some of the attendees were familiar with Trumpworld. There was Forgiato Blow, real name Kurt Jantz, a new rapper from MAGA, who couldn’t seem to persuade the masses to show up. There was Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican presidential candidate, who has yet to incur Trump’s ire. There was “Baked Alaska” and Laura Loomer and associates of Nick Fuentes (but not Nick Fuentes).

There was no assault on the courthouse. The most exciting event was when the crowd was asked to leave part of the field as police investigated a mysterious television with writing on it, apparently planted by Trump fans. All in all, it was (thankfully) a day of nothing. After Trump’s impeachment, the big guy even celebrated his milestone – the first US president ever impeached on federal charges! – passing by a local restaurant to soak up the atmosphere.

(Via The daily beast)

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