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Trump team reportedly freaking out over reports that Jack Smith may file more charges in New Jersey (and for Jan. 6)

Trump team reportedly freaking out over reports that Jack Smith may file more charges in New Jersey (and for Jan. 6)

With Donald Trump previously resisting a damning federal indictment in Miami over his mishandling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, reports of new charges from special counsel Jack Smith have begun to escalate. According to insiders, these reports are freaking out Trump folks.

By stopping morning joe Friday, way too soon host Jonathan Lemire said the Trump team is rocked by Smith who has proven to be a relentless adversary who is unfazed by the former president’s usual bullying tactics.

“He’s facing someone now in Jack Smith that he just doesn’t know, he feels like he can’t bully,” Lemire said. “He’s someone who seems immune to what their typical playbook is, which is the smokescreen and the attacks, the assertions of bias and, so far, it just hasn’t. didn’t work.”

Smith also appears to be moving on Trump on several fronts. In addition to the Miami indictment, there are reports that Smith is seeking to file new charges in New Jersey for Trump’s mishandling of documents at his Bedminster golf club. Oh, and don’t forget Georgia.

Via raw history:

“We see the New Jersey thing, I also heard last night a few people in the Trump world say, we don’t know how real it is, but they can’t rule it out either,” a- he continued. “They did not expect everything that has happened so far. We know it’s not just New York they feel good about. They are deeply concerned about the Mar-a-Lago documents, and they are still very concerned about Georgia. Georgia has been the flashing light for them all along.

But, wait, there’s more. According to the wall street journalSmith is also actively investigating the January 6 attacks and recently brought in two Republican Party officials from Nevada as the special counsel looks into the events leading up to the insurgent riot that followed ‘Stop the Steal’. of Trump.

(Via Raw Story)

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