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Trump may hold rallies in small towns because he knows he can’t draw huge crowds anymore, columnist says

Trump may hold rallies in small towns because he knows he can’t draw huge crowds anymore, columnist says

Donald Trump once crushed him in the polls, but not so much now. He’s not as strong as he was the first time he ran for president. At the time, he was still a new face on the campaign trail. He was slightly younger, he was less articulate, and he didn’t have to worry about many legal issues. On Saturday, he found himself in Pickens, South Carolina, which has a population of about 3,000. Why did he choose such a small town? There may be a reason for this.

According raw story, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin took to MSNBC, where she argued that the former president and his team know he can no longer command the large crowds he once did.

“The fact that he has to go to a small hamlet in South Carolina, which I’m sure is beautiful, suggests he can’t really fill the biggest venues at this point,” Rubin said. . “And he’s not going to get on the debate stage because he’s afraid someone will punch him. So we’ll have to see if he’s skinny and if the voters, and quite frankly, the donors decide that they’ve had enough.

Rubin also touched on the content of Trump’s rally speeches, which has been the same old whine about his personal issues and digging into his many haters, like a band playing greatest hits. She argued that he had become “even more self-centered, if that’s possible for a narcissist.” It also suggests that he is “completely indifferent” to the nation’s problems.

“He’s not talking about inflation, he’s not talking about jobs, he’s not talking about education, he’s talking about himself because that’s the only thing that matters,” Rubin said. “And you wonder at some point if voters get tired of it, and at what point do other candidates say, ‘I’m sick of hearing you whine, Mr. Trump? Why don’t you talk about something else?

Rubin said “that’s maybe his biggest problem, not that his die-hard followers would ever leave him, but people kinda miss the act.”

Indeed, no one spoke about what Trump said to the crowd at Pickens. But they spoke of the crowd booing his good pal Lindsey Graham, whom Trump barely defended. Still, it’s probably not a good idea to underestimate the guy who spent his life evading any serious rewards.

You can watch Rubin’s appearance on MSNBC in the video below.

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