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Trump claimed poll showing him losing to Biden in 2024 somehow shows him winning

Trump claimed poll showing him losing to Biden in 2024 somehow shows him winning

Donald Trump may be crushing the polls for the 2024 GOP primary, but those are just Republican voters. As fellow Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger argued, he has yet to win over swing voters and independents — something he likely won’t do given his divisive rhetoric and generally chaotic vibe. A new Quinnipiac poll even shows him losing to current President and possible incumbent Joe Biden – again – but Trump, of course, doesn’t believe him.

“The Quinnipiac FoxNews poll keeps showing up on ‘TRUMP’ vs. Biden isn’t just an old poll, it’s a BAD poll,” the former president said on his rinky-dink Twitter clone. This is not just a “BAD” poll, he claims, but an inaccurate poll:

“That undersamples Republicans by 10 points, which means instead of being down 4 points, I’m up 6 points. Other polls show me a lot more than that, but FoxNews will always try , like they did in 2016, to only show negatives on MAGA & ASSET We win BIG, they don’t like it, RINOS don’t like it, Democrats don’t like it but, above all , Marxists & Communists don’t like it!

For one, people have underestimated Trump’s eligibility before. On the other, Trump has a pretty well-documented history of claiming he won things he didn’t (except for those times when he accidentally tells the truth).

But there’s another thing Trump is doing here, like raw story Remarks:

In claiming the poll undersamples Republicans, the former president is employing the same tactics used in 2012 when some “unbiased” polls by conservatives, they believed, sampled too many Democrats to claim Mitt Romney beat. actually former President Barack Obama.

The final election results showed that polls had underestimated Obama’s support.

Either way, the 2024 election is still about a year and a half away. Many things could change. Or many could remain the same.

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