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Tough guy Kevin McCarthy fled to Trump to apologize after he dared to ask if he was the GOP’s top prospect

Tough guy Kevin McCarthy fled to Trump to apologize after he dared to ask if he was the GOP’s top prospect

Today’s GOP certainly offers countless profiles of courage. Ron DeSantis, who is currently far behind for the Republican presidential ticket, recently dodged a teenager’s question about Donald Trump preventing a peaceful transition of power after his 2020 defeat. The Speaker of the House isn’t much better. The other day he dared to say that he wasn’t sure the former president was the party’s best hope. And it didn’t take him long to apologize.

On Tuesday morning, McCarthy went on CNBC, where he was asked if Trump could return to the White House. “Can he win this election? Yeah he can,” McCarthy replied. “The question is, is he the strongest to win the election? I don’t know this answer.

McCarthy didn’t even say Trump was the best person for the job. And yet, his answer drew him into the MAGA world, which tolerates no dissent. Later that day, McCarthy phoned Trump to offer a full mea culpa:

McCarthy explained to Trump that he misspoke on CNBC and also claimed some reporters took some of his comments out of context, the sources said. Allies were pleased with McCarthy’s apology, although several Trump advisers told CNN they were still suspicious of the speaker.

That was not all. McCarthy gave an exclusive interview to no less than Breitbart, where he continued to praise him, without a doubt, him. He even claimed that the guy currently under multiple criminal investigations and whose brain is even more muscular than it was in the past was “stronger today than he was in 2016 “.

So McCarthy may not be really strong, but maybe he’s not stupid. He knows he’s hanging his job by a thread, and that a big faction that’s taken control of his party won’t tolerate any bad mouths from the guy who would consider having sex with one of his daughters. .

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