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Tom Holland Revealed Which Performance Earns Him The Most Compliments (And It’s Not For ‘Spider-Man’)

Tom Holland Revealed Which Performance Earns Him The Most Compliments (And It’s Not For ‘Spider-Man’)

Tom Holland is months away from the end of the year-long hiatus that most people didn’t know he started last year. Unfortunately for him, he is still working technically: he did press for The crowded room, its new Apple TV+ limited series. At least he’s having fun. For one thing, he revealed which performance earned him the most compliments, and that’s not Spider Man.

“It’s interesting,” Holland said The Hollywood Reporter (a bit teased by Weekly entertainment). “Because I’ve worked really hard in my career and I’ve been really calculated to decide what I do and when I do it. And for all the movies that I’m incredibly proud of, the Lip Sync Battle is what I get the most compliments for.

Holland was referring to his 2017 appearance on the show, in which he confronted his lover Zendaya. Zendaya had lip-synced to “Tyrone” and “24k Magic.” Then Holland came out. He began by pretending to “Singin’ in the Rain”, only to throw off his jacket, revealing a bustier and fishnet stockings. He then did a killer dance to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” with an umbrella.

“I’m proud of it,” Holland said of the performance. “I love that it left a lasting impact. It was an amazing moment. My life was changing before my eyes. Spider Man was going out. I was up to it. I was getting offers and turning them down for the first time, which was really crazy…I was finally at that point where I could say, ‘Can I bring my friends?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah.’ “

Holland says he didn’t make a statement about toxic masculinity, though he also didn’t worry about being viewed as effeminate by macho men.

“I don’t care,” he said. “I grew up in the least toxic male environment possible. I had no idea what I was doing was so cutting edge. I was just like, ‘Yeah, fuck, I’m gonna put on some fishing nets and dance in the rain. It will be really fun. I do not care.'”

You can watch Holland’s beloved performance in the video above.

(Via THR And EO)

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