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TikToker shares a dark and entertaining story about fairy tales and more

TikToker shares a dark and entertaining story about fairy tales and more

When you thought the world couldn’t get any darker, a viral TikToker is making sure you know otherwise. Mackenzie Barmen shares an exciting and entertaining dark story about fairy tales, nursery rhymes, holiday traditions and more!

Mackenzie Barmen wants you to know the dark history behind some well-known tales and traditions

mackenzie bartender
Mackenzie Barmen – TikTok

While nearly everyone on the planet is familiar with Grimm’s Snow White, not everyone is aware of the fairy tale’s dark history.

“Once upon a time there was a queen, she was sewing when she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell in the snow,” she began. “I saw the blood in the snow and I thought, ‘Oh, I wish I had a girl who was red like blood, white like snow, and black like this frame I’m embroidering.'”

She went on to explain that soon after, she had a daughter whose skin was “as white as snow, whose lips were as red as blood, and whose hair was black.”

“And then she died. But do not worry; the king took another beautiful wife a year later,” she said. “And she had a magic mirror.”

mackenzie bartender
Mackenzie Barmen – TikTok

“She would say, looking at the glass on the wall, who is the most beautiful of us all,” she continued with her dark and sad story. “The mirror would answer that you are the most beautiful of us all, but Snow White was only 7 years old, and things changed when she started growing up.”

Once Snow White started to age, she became the fairest of them all, much to the queen’s dismay. The queen wanted Snow White to die.

“So she found a hunter and ordered him to go into the woods to kill Snow White and bring her heart back,” she continued. “When he took Snow White into the woods and he pulled out his knife, and she saw that, she said, ‘Please, no, please don’t kill me. no. Let me go.'”

@mackenziebarmen GRIMM’S SNOW WHITE: PART 2 #childhoodruined #darkcomedy #fairytales #grimms #grimmsfairytales #storytime #storytelling #comedy

The hunter listened to Snow White’s pleas for survival and listened to her and let her go. And then, a boar came on the scene, so the hunter stabbed him and took his heart.

The story continued as Snow White was alone in the woods, trying to survive, when she came across a small house where the seven dwarfs lived. She made herself at home, and when the dwarves returned later that night, they saw her sleeping. Opening her eyes the next day, she saw them all staring at her.

The video ended and Barmen had to film the second part of the story. The story gets darker from this point on. See part two HERE.

Mackenzie Barmen also has a backstory for ‘The Little Mermaid’

mackenzie bartender
Mackenzie Barmen – TikTok

Barmen also has a dark history surrounding “The Little Mermaid”.

“Once upon a time there was a group of mermaid sisters of different ages, like six of them, and their father was the king,” she began. “These sisters lived quite a glamorous life below the surface, and when they each turned 15, they had the opportunity to rise above and gaze out at the shore.”

She went on to explain that each of the older sisters were tired of going above the surface because they loved being under the sea. The little mermaid was the youngest, and the anticipation leads her to reach the shore. When she turned 15, she swam to the surface and attended a birthday party for a handsome 16-year-old prince.

@mackenziebarmen THE LITTLE MERMAID 🧜‍♀️: Part 1 of 3. #childhoodruined #thelittlemermaid #darkcomedy #hanschristianandersen #darkhistory #comedy #fyp #improv #sketch #spooky ♬ Spooky piano horror scary – Sound Production Gin

A storm erupted and the little mermaid rescued the prince and brought him back to shore. Barmen continues to tell the story in parts two and three of the video series. The story gets darker and darker before Barmen finishes his story.

The story continues with a potion, the stolen Little Mermaid’s voice, and a lot of pain and anguish.

Watch the second and third videos to continue the thrilling and dark story.

One of Barmen’s followers commented, “All Disney Princesses have CRAZY stories.” Another follower added, “Watched all 3! you are amazing at storytelling…I need more of the Disney Princess saga! 😂🥰”

Mackenzie Barmen also shares dark holiday history

mackenzie bartender
Mackenzie Barmen – TikTok

If fairy tales and children’s stories aren’t quite your groove, how about a dark story about holidays and traditions? Bartenders also shares some of it on TikTok.

In a viral video, Barmen shares the dark history of stocking stuffers.

“Oh yes, stockings, with their origins in disease and poverty,” she began her story. “You see, the tradition is tied to a fourth-century bishop. One day he overheard an old man complaining that he couldn’t afford to give his three daughters a dowry.

Because the older man could not afford a dowry, his daughters could not marry and would most likely be forced to work, which they would not want to do.

“However, this saint, St. Nicholas, was so moved by it that he crept into their house in the middle of the night and filled their stockings with gold, which had been hung to dry above the fireplace,” she continued. “They lived happily ever after, and later this bishop would be anointed Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and one of old Santa’s inspirations.”

@mackenziebarmen Good ol’ Santy Clause 🎅#childhoodruined #comedy #darkcomedy #darkhistory #christmas #stnicolas #history #improv #sketch ♬ Spooky music box horror bgm(813602) – donpachi

Some of Barmen’s 2.8 million followers commented that they learned so much about things they didn’t know.

“And now bags of chocolate coins make sense,” one person wrote. Another added: “It was wholesome with distressing vibes 🥰 🥰🥰.”

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