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The next “Barbie” movie would have caused a shortage of pink paint for its supplier!

The next “Barbie” movie would have caused a shortage of pink paint for its supplier!

All Barbie girls who live in a Barbie world will get it!

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling skate during a day of filming apos Barbie on the beach in Venice

“Barbie” from “Lady Bird” director Greta Gerwig may have an all-star cast and a soundtrack full of firecrackers, but the film would also affect the painting industry!

Reports of an international shortage of pink paint due to the film’s laborious (and very, very pink) sets began to make headlines, and the “Barbie” crew and company affiliates who provided the painting to the group!

Inspired fans looking to create their own Barbie dream house may need to find a different shade of pink than the one used on set! The paint supplier’s vice president revealed details in a Los Angeles Times interview published Saturday morning.

The cast of ‘Barbie’ has kept the details of the movie secret!

Issa Rae warns fans that they must
Instagram/Issa Rae

Reports of the pink paint shortage are a seemingly rare glimpse into the backstage atmosphere of the “Barbie” set. At least, if the film’s cast has anything to do with keeping the details quiet!

The Blast recently covered Issa Rae’s low-key stance regarding the film. The “Insecure” star chose to reveal as little as possible, leaving Gerwig and Barbie herself, Margot Robbie, to do the honors!

“You’re not about to get me in trouble,” Rae joked to a People magazine reporter while on the AT&T Game Ball Experience mat, “I’m gonna let Greta and Margot take the lead, and I shut the f**k up and sit down,” she continued.

The “Barbie” soundtrack features a variety of artists and musicians!

'Barbie' Soundtrack Features Ice Spice's New Take on OG Hit 'Barbie Girl'

One thing movie buffs know a thing or two about is its soundtrack!

A selection of tracks from the album began to be unveiled last month. In the film, Dua Lipa is responsible for the “Dance the Night!” Its music video was recently posted on the singer’s official “Levitating” YouTube account.

YouTube video player

Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj will put a spin on Aqua’s legendary 1997 classic “Barbie Girl,” which the band would also star on! This will be the duo’s second collaboration: the video for “Princess Diana” was released last month.

The full track listing for the album has yet to be released; several songs were revealed, including Lizzo’s opening track “Pink”, “Home” by HAIM, “Butterflies” by GAYLE and “Journey to the Real World” by Tame Impala. (via Vulture)

It’s a “Barbie world” for one paint maker!

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling seen on the set of Barbie at the beach

Lauren Proud, vice president of global marketing for paint company Rosco, spoke to the LA Times to share details of the alleged shortage. The outlet shares that Rosco has strong ties to the film and television industries.

“They used as much paint as we had,” Proud said.

Decorator Sarah Greenwood would echo Proud’s statements in an interview with Architectural Digest.

“The world has run out of pink,” Greenwood told the publication. However, she also cited the global COVID-19 pandemic as a contributor.

“There was this shortage,” she continued, explaining. “and then we gave [the film] all we could – I don’t know if they can claim the credit. Although the film affected the business, Greenwood continued, “They cleaned the paint off us.”

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