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The new “Temptation Light” will wreak havoc on couples on “Temptation Island”!

The new “Temptation Light” will wreak havoc on couples on “Temptation Island”!

Talk about stressful and anxiety-provoking interior design! (And you thought the ugly paint job in your family’s house was stressing you out?) Wait until you hear all about the new addition to this season’s “Temptation Island.”

Meet the “light of temptation”

Temptation Island Temptation Lamp
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What appears to be just a harmless ball of light is sure to cause anxiety and fear in some couples this season whenever it turns red.

When this circular light is not on, everything will be fine. But when it lights up, there is bound to be worry, jealousy and overheated emotions.

Host Mark L. Walberg explained the interesting new decor in each of the villas.

“This light is called the ‘Light of Temptation’,” he said. “When it’s lit, it lets you know someone has given in to temptation.”

Cue the gasps.

temptation island
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And while everyone will know someone has given in to temptation when the light is glowing, no one will know who it is. This is sure to add tension and confusion over not knowing who succumbed to the temptation that pulls them away from their partner. Welcome to the strong emotions that often lead to rash decisions!

But fear not, the weekly bonfires will be a part of this season just like in the past, and that’s where the truths will come to the surface.

One thing that’s unclear at this point is whether the light will turn on even if there are only kisses or hugs. Could it be that the light continues even if sex is not involved? Or will it glow red when something more serious happens? We will have to wait impatiently and see.

The “Temptation Light” is totally new to “TI” this season, but it has appeared in some of the show’s foreign formats. Either way, no two versions of “TI” are the same, so we’ll all have to wait and see how couples and singles react to the glowing ball of anxiety.

Fans are thrilled for a drama-filled season!

temptation island
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The trailer shared on Instagram received tons of comments about the “Temptation Light” and the new season as a whole.

Fans seem genuinely excited to see the drama unfold and relish the idea of ​​the “Temptation Light” causing trouble.

“The light will stay on 😂,” one follower hilariously wrote. Another added: “Temptation Light tho! 👀”

Another fan explained it to everyone saying, “Sooo Red light🚨 give you the green light ✅ got it 😂😂.”

A fan thinks the season will definitely be “lit”. (And by bed, we’re guessing in more ways than one.) “Finally!! Looks like we’ve got another lit season 👀🔥,” they shared.

One follower thinks giving in to temptation is a given, “This show is the best they’re definitely going to mess around with 🤣🤣🤣.”

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