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The first bonfire burns the hottest on “Temptation Island”!

The first bonfire burns the hottest on “Temptation Island”!

The moment has finally arrived – the first bonfire of Season 5 of “Temptation Island”.

For the first bonfire of the season, the men and women have their own separate bonfires with host Mark L. Walberg. It’s the first time the couples have gotten a glimpse of what their other half has been up to while they were apart. And man, does it burn for some…

The girls entered the bonfire with anxiety and worry written on their faces!

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Walberg warned the ladies about the first bonfire. While they all seemed worried about what they were going to see, Walberg encourages them a little.

“Letting you know that bonfires are real to me,” Walberg said. “Everything we see, we can handle.”

As the four women sat there awaiting their possible fates, nerves were apparent in each of them. First of all, Kaitlin. She watched a clip of Hall talking to the guys about wanting to start a family and how Makayla wants kids. She didn’t seem too shocked to hear what he had to say on the subject.

Kaitlin explained that she just wasn’t ready to start a family, but maybe she would be in three or four years. She wants both a career and a relationship, which isn’t too much to ask.

“You can have both, but can you have both with Hall?” Walberg thinks.

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Paris was next. The clip she was facing was a bit more physical. She watched Nafeesah give her man a lap dance, then heard him say he didn’t want to think about Paris and just have fun.

“Of course he doesn’t want to think about me because I feel like I’m nagging him all the time and always complaining about everything he does,” she admitted. But she justified her thinking by saying she felt he needed to be treated that way to learn.

“I just want to be happy,” she said. “Having a man who protects me.”

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And then a lesson about herself came to the surface. She revealed that she felt she had to please the man she was dating and when she didn’t please him, she got angry and wanted to run away and fight him. It was a full therapy session trying to figure out why things are the way they are for her.

It’s time to move on to Vanessa. She had to watch the clip of Rob in the pool talking about how she treats him. (You know, the scene where he yells and yells at Nafeesah for talking about him.) She also heard him say that he’s almost entirely sure he’ll leave the island alone. It’s time for some real anger to come into the chat…

“The nerve. Mark, I’m going to walk to this house and I’m going to hit him in the head with a shoe,” she said aggressively.

She also revealed that she was angry that he had already come to this conclusion and felt betrayed.

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Last but not least, it’s Marisela’s turn to see what Christopher was up to while they’re apart.

“I’m not where I want to be. I’m not mentally, emotionally, financially, I’m not where I want to be,” she said after watching a clip of Christopher talking about Marisela and a clip of him dancing with one of the singles.

Then a mini breakthrough happened when Walberg asked if she was seeking his approval. She said, yes, a lot.

“I always work to be who he wants me to be,” she said, to which Walberg replied, “You hear that, don’t you?” She replied, “Yes.” Marisela said she knew she self-sabotaged a lot.

It’s time for the guys to warm up uncomfortably in front of their bonfire… but not everyone yet

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First, Christopher. He watched a clip of Marisela crying about being alone and how she is afraid of disappointing everyone at home.

“I’ve seen Marisela being real with herself and real with her feelings. And she has no choice but to let go,” Christopher said. “And I’m glad she has that time.”

He went deeper into the subject of Marisela wanting her free time and not needing to live by a set of rules, although she has rules to follow.

“It’s really, I think, an internal conflict,” he explained.

Great was next, and what a moment of realization for him. He must have watched a clip of Paris telling the girls she’s willing to risk it all and if there weren’t cameras everywhere she’d do something to one of the guys (we’ll leave that one up to your wildest imagination).

And that’s where the episode ends… cliffhanger for sure!

Let’s rewind a bit…

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Before we all got a close-up view of what was being revealed at each of the bonfires, we got a chance to see the second date. Some chose to go on a second date with the person they went on their first date with, and others chose a new partner for the day.

Marisela went on a second date with Sebastian, Paris asked out Tahjicc, Great asked out Tamie, and Hall and Makayla went on their second date together.

The date included quads and bike rides. Very little actually happened on the second dates, but some things did come to light.

Paris, who said she liked Tahjicc “too much”, kind of changed her tune after the date, saying Christian was a better date.

Makayla Hall and Temptation Island
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Hall and Makayla connected a bit more. “I really want Makayla to come in with the idea that I have a fiancé because I really want her to keep getting to know me for me,” he said.

Hall told Makayla that while he felt Kaitlin was the love of his life, meeting her now made things difficult. She said if he wasn’t engaged, she would let her wall down. Looks like they are two to watch closely as things are definitely heating up between them.

“Temptation Island” airs on USA Network Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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