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The filming of “Vanderpump Rules” has begun, find out who was NOT there!

The filming of “Vanderpump Rules” has begun, find out who was NOT there!

Vanderpump Rules shooting should start in a few days, but some key players are still missing. Is a cast shakeup coming?

Lala Kent is ready to go

Lala Kent is latest guest to pull out of MTV Awards amid writers' strike
Instagram/Lala Kent

The fiery blonde shared about her Give them Lala podcast that production is gearing up to be in a few days and she’s ready for it. speaking with his guest co-hosts, Kent, admitted it had been a nice and refreshing break.

Her final issue before filming begins is that the production doesn’t want to film at her home in Palm Springs, even though she’s filming at her neighbor Scheana Shay’s house. The girls live in a gated community and the HOA doesn’t have it…yet.

Kent is confident the production can fix this minor situation, as they have bigger fish to fry, like signing Raquel Leviss. Yeah, that part.

Where is Raquel Leviss?

Ariana Madix takes off during a confrontation

Last season’s troublemaker didn’t show up to sign his contracts according to TMZ, Season 11 has yet to secure Leviss. As mentioned above according to Kent, filming begins very soon, Wednesday.

The last fans heard of Leviss taking time for herself and rejuvenating her mental health with a short stint in a mental health facility. At one point, fans thought it was over and were chatting with Tom Sandoval again.

Apparently, she’s still at the facility, and judging by her last five-minute interview in the third part of the reunion, she’s not even sure if she’ll be back. It may not be the best path for the budding former beauty queen, who grew old outside of the sport she loves.

At this point, Leviss has been at the facility for over two months and shows no signs of leaving.

See you soon at Sur, TomTom and maybe in a sandwich shop!

apos Vanderpump Rules apos star Tom Schwartz ignores his recent dating drama as

As for the rest of the cast, they all come back including Sandoval, as if he’s leaving anyway (he hasn’t stopped filming). And yes, Tom Schwartz is also back even though he hinted at the end of Sandoval and the series.

Fans are sure to see the cast in their element, so TomTom and hopefully Schwartz & Sandy will get some screen time. Of course, Sur will be on the radar because why wouldn’t he be? Plus, Charli, a fan favorite from last season, is still working on it.

And hopefully, seeing all the progress of Something About Her on Instagram, the probably trendy sandwich shop will also be featured. The production would drop the ball if it didn’t highlight all things Ariana Madix and via those tailcoats, Katie Maloney.

Who’s ready for the “Vanderpump Rules”?

Filming began on

The cast has made it clear that they won’t back down from the issue this season. At the meeting, many of them said that they would not film with either Sandoval or Leviss.

Additionally, Madix clarified that if anyone who considers themselves her friend films with the toxic duo, she will no longer consider them a friend, Lisa Vanderpump included. It was at the height of his anger and despite everything, Madix is ​​a forgiving person.

She may not forgive Sandoval and Leviss, but those caught in the crosshairs she can soften.

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