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“Temptation Island” single Marjorie Guaracho might sound familiar to many!

“Temptation Island” single Marjorie Guaracho might sound familiar to many!

If the single Marjorie Guaracho from “Temptation Island” sounds familiar to you, there might be a reason for it. Let’s just say she was once considered a “music video vixen.”

Marjorie Guaracho may sound familiar to some ‘Temptation Island’ viewers

temptation island
Temptation TV – Instagram

Not only does her personality and attractive appearance make her a standout among the single women of “TI” this season, but she also has an interesting past that might make some people feel like they’ve seen her before or heard about it.

In early 2020, The Blast reported that rapper DaBaby was suing Guaracho for “attempting to shake him up for money”.

In September 2019, DaBaby hired a production company to produce a music video for “Vibez.” The video was shot in Miami, Florida on September 27, 2019. Guaracho was one of the models hired to perform in the background of the video by a casting company hired by the production company. DaBaby said she was told about the concept for the video, signed a release to be in the video, and was paid $100.

The rapper said the video featured over 40 girls and Guaracho only appeared for less than two seconds. The video was released and quickly reached over 41 million views on YouTube. This helped launch DaBaby financially.

The following January, Guaracho sent a cease and desist letter to DaBaby’s record label accusing him of stealing his performance and demanded punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. DaBaby was told by his record label, Interscope, that if the allegations in the letter were true, it would be a breach of his “lucrative contract with Interscope Records.”


So what was DaBaby accused of in said letter?

She accused him of using images of her to make it look like she “endorses pornography”. She said she was “shocked” after watching the latest music video and estimated her damages at more than $75,000.

Shortly after, DaBaby reached a settlement agreement with Guaracho. Court documents obtained by The Blast read: “The essence of the settlement is that plaintiffs have full rights with respect to plaintiff’s image and likeness in connection with the video titled ‘Vibez.’ “

This brings us to the present day and Guaracho’s role in this season’s “TI”.

She wants to make sure people know that not everything you read online is entirely true. The model shared Instagram Stories addressing the past.

Marjorie Guaracho
Marjorie Guaracho – Instagram

Another slide from Story explains that this is “old news” and claims that there is “misleading information” on the internet.

“Since the internet likes to stir the pot and pop up OLD NEWS… some of you are new to hearing this – to clarify, these articles are full of misleading information and that’s it”, or at least, she claims.

Marjorie Guaracho
Marjorie Guaracho – Instagram

Marjorie Guaracho now has a career in real estate and law

Marjorie Guaracho
Marjorie Guaracho – Instagram

When he’s not on “TI,” the bachelor enjoys a dual career as a legal assistant at a Florida law firm and a Florida real estate agent. Looks like she’s not making music videos anymore.

According to her “TI” biography, the 27-year-old is “driven by her work in law and real estate” and has “always prioritized her career over the search for love. – so far”.

“Refusing to settle for less than she deserves, Marjorie seeks an emotionally stable partner with alpha energy,” her bio reveals.

Although her first date on the show, which was with Rob, didn’t point her in the direction of love, there’s still time for her to find someone who matches her energy.

Who do you think would make a good match for Guaracho?

“Temptation Island” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on USA Network.

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