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Summer House’s Sam Feher: ‘I’m not blindly loyal’ to Danielle or Lindsay

Summer House’s Sam Feher: ‘I’m not blindly loyal’ to Danielle or Lindsay

Stay neutral! Sam White became aware of the navigation in the friendships on summer house amid Danielle Olivera And Lindsay Hubbardit is the quarrel.

“We don’t do blind loyalty in this house,” Sam, 25, revealed on the May 18 episode of Apple One’s “Chanel in the City” podcast. “Besides, I had just met them. So I thought, ‘I’m not blindly loyal to anyone. I just met you guys.

The Season 7 newbie explained that Danielle, 34, and Lindsay’s drama is “not black and white.” She told the host and comedian Chanel Omari that if she were to “take sides”, she would “ignore all the nuances” of the situation.

Sam Feher denies being blindly loyal to Danielle Olivera or Lindsay Hubbard

Samantha Feher, Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard Clifton Prescod/Bravo (2); Charles Sykes/Bravo

“At the end of the day, if we want these girls to work through their issues and be friends again…everyone has to take responsibility for what they do,” Sam said. “Then they also have to, like, listen to the other person, listen to it, talk about it.”

During season 7 of the Bravo series, which ended earlier this month, fans watched Danielle and Lindsay, 36, come up against the publicist’s relationship with Carl Radke. The New Jersey native said she was concerned about how quickly Lindsay and Carl, 38, were moving and had an emotional reaction when she wasn’t included in the former vice president’s proposal. sales of Loverboy in August 2022.

The friendship fallout tormented the whole house – and continued to spill over into Part 1 of the summer house meeting, which aired on Monday, May 29. “They were really, really happy. It was, like, giddy little kids all the time,” Sam said of the engaged couple at the reunion. “For me, it brought me joy.”

While agency founder Feher supported the Hubb House PR founder and her fiancé, costar Paige DeSorbo made it clear that she thought the pair was “fake” and calculated. Paige, 30, also praised Danielle for finally standing up for Lindsay. (During the May 22 season finale, the tech guru told her former best friend they were “over,” and Lindsay later said she wasn’t invited to her wedding.)

Courtesy of Chanel Omari

According to Sam, the estranged castmates began to put their friendship back on track after taping the reunion. “I’m happy to report that I think they are on the road to reconciliation,” the blonde beauty revealed to Omari, who previously starred in Bravo’s Princess: Long Island. “So it’s really amazing to see.”

While Sam confessed that “a lot happens in these groups of friends,” she said she did her best to “mediate” the situation while filming in the summer of 2022.

Summer-House-s-Sam-Feher-Says-She-Doesn-t-Have--Blind-Loyalty--to-Danielle-Olivera-or-Lindsay-Hubbard-on--Chanel-in-the-City-- Podcast-177
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“I think at the meeting there was very clear communication,” she teased on the popular pop culture podcast. “They weren’t communicating very well this summer. But I think that’s just because it was so raw. Everything was happening at the same time. »

The model, who goes out with The winter house Kory Keefercontinued: “I’m not good at confrontation if I’m honest, like, it makes me uncomfortable. I’m not a fighter, I’m not a screamer.

Although she is shy at times, Sam said her focus is “making sure we can kind of get to a place where we all understand how we feel about each other.”

The brand strategist hinted that viewers would get closure during Part 2 of the reunion – after listening to Lindsay and Danielle actually communicate.

“I think the way forward for them will be not to rehash what happened and not talk about actions and pain and communication, but rather to set expectations for the future,” the Bravo personality added, noting that fans need to “hold on” until the very end of the reunion show.

Part 2 of the summer house The Season 7 reunion airs on Bravo on Monday, June 5 at 9 p.m. ET.

Listen to the full episode of Samantha Feher’s “Chanel In The City” podcast episode here.

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