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Stevie Nicks will release a giant box set spanning her entire career!

Stevie Nicks will release a giant box set spanning her entire career!

‘Hot girl Summer’ will have plenty of witchy vibes for Stevie Nicks fans!

The Fleetwood Mac singer has announced a career-spanning box set featuring 16 records and 10 CDs!

Rock band Fleetwood Mac performs in concert at the Bank Atlantic Center

The 75-year-old ‘Dreams’ singer has been releasing music as a member of Fleetwood Mac for five decades and as a solo artist for four years, and her fans will soon have the chance to explore thousands hours of Nicks music library.

The success of Nicks’ music library on vinyl still dominates.


Fleetwood Mac’s career-defining LP “Rumours” continues to break records to this day!

The album, released in February 1977, was the fifth best-selling record of 2022.

Stevie Nicks fans will soon have the ultimate box set of their “dreams”

Rock band Fleetwood Mac performs in concert at the Bank Atlantic Center

Sure, Nicks’ music has received the box set treatment over the years, but the “Complete Studio Albums and Rarities” box set contains a number of records in his discography that have never been released before!

According to the “Stand Back” singer’s announcement for the box set, fans will be able to own three releases on vinyl for the first time.

“Street Angel” from 1994, “Trouble In Shangri-La” from 2001 and “In Your Dreams” from 2011 will be among the 16 discs in the set! The vinyl contained in the box set is limited to 3,000 copies, Nicks’ announcement also revealed. They will also be individually numbered!

What else is included in the box?

All eight previously released Nicks albums will be part of the extravaganza, and each disc will be a “crystal vision”: they will be available on crystal clear vinyl! (according to the box set’s YouTube ad)

Three of the discs will contain tracks that hardcore fans may have spent decades searching for; these LPs will contain “rarities and B-sides”, the latter tracks presumably not being available since their original releases, or having never been released before! According to Pitchfork, the “rarities” disc will contain 24 tracks, including “Free Fallin” by Nicks’ late friend Tom Petty.

Listeners who prefer to listen to their music on the go will also be able to take advantage of the box set’s abundance of tracks: a digital-only version will also be available!

Nicks’ 1998 track “One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star” will also receive a facelift; the album track “Enchanted” has been remastered.

Fans won’t have to wait for the mid-July box set release date to enjoy the song in all its glory; Nicks released the track on Wednesday along with the box set announcement!

What do fans think of the news?

Nicks’ huge release announcement was met with an incredible response on his social media accounts!

The “Wild Heart” singer retweeted Rhino Records’ announcement of the set, and her fans followed Rhino’s feed to share their thoughts.

“We loved it but we will definitely need over 3,000 copies, babies..” a fan tweeted.

“I need a sugar daddy please”, a fan asked.

On Instagram’s announcement, one Instagrammer commented: “Now I just have to sell my two kidneys, my lungs and my whole family to buy it ❤️😥”

“Trouble in Shangri-la on vinyl!!!!!!!!! Best news!!! another commenter wrote.

“I need this like I need air to breathe!! Hope it comes out in the UK 😭🥹,” one fan wrote.

“Can I claim Stevie as a dependent at this point???” another follower commented.

The “Complete Studio Albums & Rarities” box set will be released on July 28!

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