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Sia reveals a neurological disorder that played a huge role in her life without knowing it

Sia reveals a neurological disorder that played a huge role in her life without knowing it

East dropped the bomb she’s on autism spectrum after a shocking late diagnosis both herself and her friends.

Sia believes this explains a lot

Sia looks like a Christmas present as she performs at apos Shining a Light apos concert in LA

The singer’s late diagnosis of autism came as a surprise, but made Sia understand why she always felt a little different. “For 45 years, I was like… ‘I gotta go put on my human costume,'” she explained on the “Rob Has A Podcast” with “Survivor” Season 44 finalist Carolyn Wiger.

“And it’s only been in the last two years that I’ve come fully into myself,” she continued, noting that she was also sober. Sia was happy to talk with Wiger about this discovery because she had linked the Survivor contestant and their particular habits that make her stand out on the reality show.

Sia accepted herself

Sia on the autism spectrum

The “Chandelier” singer had to take the time to accept herself now that she had a label for what she believed to be this weird part of herself. “No one can ever know and love you when you’re full of secrets and… living in shame,” she says.

Sia finally felt like she was seen but, more importantly, understood. “When we finally sit down in a room full of strangers and tell them our deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets, and everyone laughs with us, and we don’t feel like garbage for the first time in our lives.”

Sia has found her happiness. “We feel seen for the first time in our lives for who we are, and then we can start to go out into the world and just function as humans and human beings with hearts and not pretending to be anything.”

Sia, some information is missing

Kate Hudson on the set of Sister

It’s beautiful that the singer is reunited after feeling so outside for years, but some fans are wondering when the singer found out about her diagnosis and why she didn’t go into detail about it.

It may seem like a small detail, but let’s not forget that the singer made an entire movie about an autistic child called Music. It received backlash because the star, Maddie Zeigler, wasn’t an actor on the spectrum, and it wouldn’t have been too hard to hire a casting director to do it.

At the time, Sia spoke about the backlash, tweeting that her “heart has always been in the right place” and urging critics to “watch my movie before judging it.”

Sia had to apologize

Kate Hudson on the set of Sister

Despite the tweet explaining her choice of actor for the role, she ultimately had to apologize for her perceived ignorance. She also added a disclaimer at the start of the film, released in 2021.

He says, “‘Music’ does not condone or recommend restraint for autistic people. Some autistic occupational therapists specialize in sensory processing, which can be consulted to explain safe ways to provide deep-pressure proprioceptive feedback to help with collapse safety.

Sia later revealed that the backlash from the film left her “suicidal”. She then relapsed and entered rehab. Her movie being nominated for a Razzie pushed the singer way over the edge.

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