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Selena Gomez teases fans with new music straight from Paris

Selena Gomez teases fans with new music straight from Paris

Selena Gomez is in Paris but as she has just shown her fans, it’s not just a vacation.

In her latest Instagram post, the “Calm Down” singer shows off a series of monochrome photos of herself in a recording studio and fans, well, can’t calm down now!

Selena Gomez is crazy about Paris

Selena Gomez makes new music in Paris
Instagram | Selena Gomez

From her recent Instagram posts, it looks like Selena Gomez has made Paris her home, as she takes in the sights, sounds and great food.

In a recent post, she posted a few snaps of herself wearing a Christian Dior top although she also got trolled for it, and some fans even accused her of looking curvier than usual. .

The truth is, with a diagnosis of lupus, Gomez recently said in a TikTok live stream that she’s not a model and “never will be.”

Gomez revealed that her autoimmune disease medication caused her to gain weight even as she ignored enemies. She has long been in the crosshairs of trolls who often target her because of her weight, but the singer and actress has learned not to let this go as she explained that while her medications were helpful, they had side effects.

At the time, she said, “Not a role model, never will be. And I think they’re great, mind you. I’m definitely not that. I just wanted to say that I love you guys, and thank you for supporting me and understanding. And if not, walk away, because honestly, I don’t believe in shaming people for [their bodies] Or anything.”

Here is the thirty-year-old who lets herself go in Paris.

Selena Gomez’s new music gives fans hope

Selena Gomez makes new music in Paris
Instagram | Selena Gomez

All work and no play can make Jack a boring boy, at least the nursery rhyme, but here everything seems to be play and no work makes Selena very bored – and so here she is, asking her fans to relax and watch her make new music from Paris.

In a series of monochrome images, the 30-something revealed she was making new music, assuring her fans with the caption, “Don’t worry guys, it happens. Even from Paris. 😉”

Lily Collins and Paris Hilton were quick to respond with excited emojis and her fans also said in ever-increasing comments that they couldn’t wait!

Others were more excited that the new music could mean a new tour.

Meanwhile, it’s not like the trolls are shutting up, with hateful comments filtering through as well:

“I can’t even sing!!!! No one is buying your album.

“No Grammy yet? Interesting.”

Then again, it seems people have a problem with her wearing Christian Dior too!

Social media still fuels Hailey-Selena ‘drama’

Selena Gomez makes new music in Paris
Instagram | Selena Gomez

The tables seemed to have turned and the trolls are after Selena Gomez right now, as they switch sides for Hailey and Justin Bieber, leaving comments like:

“So you closed the comments for the hate you were getting but you were so happy commenting under TikTok about jb and his wife all since 2019 omg be a real woman.”

Others found all this online hate to be weird:

“D-! So much HATE for one person? Some of you are crazy, say all kinds of things about a person you’ve never met, maybe never even got the chance to meet.

The good thing is that Hailey Bieber is also standing up for Selena Gomez and telling haters to stop leaving mean comments.

Hailey Bieber tells fans to stop with mean comments
Instagram | Hailey Bieber

The good thing is that Selena doesn’t read most of the hateful comments as she explained: “Everything I do, I send it to my assistant who posts it. As for the comments, my team will put together some encouraging elements.

Sorry haters, I guess all your vitriol just isn’t filtering through.

Meanwhile, Selena’s new music is always a welcome sound and sight and most of her die-hard fans think it will truly be an epic adventure. Just like his fans, we can’t wait either.

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