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Sarah Ferguson gushed to be ‘really touched’ by her new grandson’s name

Sarah Ferguson gushed to be ‘really touched’ by her new grandson’s name

Sarah Ferguson shares what makes the newest child in her family extra special.

The media personality earned the title Duchess of York through her marriage to the late Queen Elizabeth’s second son, Prince Andrew. The former couple recently became three grandparents thanks to their second daughter, Princess Eugenie.

The royal welcomed her second son with husband Jack Brooksbank on May 30, 2023. Weeks after the adorable angel’s arrival, the beloved author opens up about her new grandson and his excellent name .

Sarah Ferguson reveals why her grandson’s name left her emotional

In the second episode of her recently launched podcast business, the “Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah” podcast, the mother-of-two spoke candidly about her grandson Ernest George Ronnie. Speaking to her co-host Sarah Thomson, the 63-year-old loved the adorable newborn.

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson seen arriving for an appearance on The View in New York City

After her friend offered her congratulations and well wishes, the media personality responded with an enthusiastic tribute. “He’s a very, very handsome little boy. Now, of course, everyone says that, but, of course, he is,” said the Londoner.

“Loved grandma, adored GG. And beautiful grandparents. GG, I’m GG,” the Children in Crisis founder continued, sharing her new grandmother nickname. Although she didn’t choose her favourites, the newest child in her family held a special place in the heart of the Global Humanitarian Award recipient.

According to the royal member, she was touched by the intention behind the newborn’s name. “His name is Ernest George Ronnie. He is Ernest because George III’s middle name was Ernest and because it is fabulous. It’s going to be good in Spain when you come to a villa. Ernesto,” the 63-year-old said.

Explaining the origin of her second daughter’s latest baby, the ‘Her Heart for a Compass’ author continued: ‘And then George after Jack and Ronald’s dad – Ronnie – after my dad, who got hit [sic].”

The Teenage Cancer Trust patron continued: “When Jack and Eugenie told me it was so emotional they put my dad in there. That was very sweet, I thought, and it made me cry, of course. Additionally, the Duchess of York revealed that her daughter gave her permission to speak publicly about Ernest.

“She said I had the right to say. Oh, I have to be very careful. I’m so proud; I can’t just release photos willy-nilly. Grandma reigns, my God! the “A Most Intriguing Lady” author explained.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie and her lover’s decision to honor their late family members came years after their deaths. His grandfather, Ronald Ferguson, breathed his last in 2003. Meanwhile, her husband’s father, George Brooksbank, died shortly before watching the royal christening of his first grandson August in November 2021.

Ernest also marked the first of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren born after the monarch’s death in 2022. With his birth, Princess Eugenie’s second son joined the line for the succession to the British throne at number thirteen, while his older brother August was at number twelve.

Princess Eugenie announced the birth of her second son with the first photos of the newborn

Days before giving her mother the go-ahead to talk about her son, Princess Eugenie blessed her followers with the first photos of the newborn on Instagram. The royal member took to social media to announce the child’s arrival alongside her unique name.

The Londoner shared two photos of Ernest, the first capturing the adorable boy sleeping comfortably in a crib. The new member of the famous clan was all cuddled up in a blue knitted cap while his body was covered with a white shawl.

“Jack and I wanted to share the news that we had our baby boy, Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank, on May 30, 2023 at 8.49 weighing 7.1 pounds,” the mother-of-two announced in her caption.

Princess Eugenie presents the world's No. 2 baby

“He is named after his great-great-great-grandfather George, his grandfather George and my grandfather Ronald,” the 33-year-old continued, adding that her eldest son happily takes care of his big brother duties.

“Augie loves being a big brother already,” the RNOH Charity boss revealed, concluding her caption with a string of heart-shaped emojis. As she stated in her post, her eldest son appeared to be a doting brother, gently patting Ernest on the head in the second photo.

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