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Sandoval Slams ‘Condescending’ Ariana in Extended Reunion Scene: Watch

Sandoval Slams ‘Condescending’ Ariana in Extended Reunion Scene: Watch

Conflicting accounts. Tom Sandoval blame the ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix to insult his intelligence throughout their relationship in a first look at Peacock’s extended version of part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion: Pumped Edition.

In the clip — shared exclusively with We Weekly before the episode hits the streaming platform on Thursday, June 1 – Sandoval, 40, is railing against her ex’s alleged treatment of her. “The way you talk to me, the condescending attitude, the way you’re, like, ‘Rubbing two brain cells together,'” the TomTom co-founder explains. “The way you were always telling me, like, ‘Yeah, your brain isn’t working very well.'”

The Missouri native goes on to claim Ariana, 37, was “always, always telling me I’m stupid” throughout their nine-year relationship. We confirmed in March that the couple had split after Sandoval’s months-long affair with their co-star Rachel Leviss came to light.

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

In the teaser for the extended scene, Ariana responds to her ex’s remarks in disbelief, claiming the “two brain cells” comment was a joke he made himself. “I never told you you were stupid,” she said. “I never said you were stupid until today. Because you’re fooling around today.

The exes yell at each other during the heated exchange, with the Florida native calling Sandoval “literally delusional” and employing a strategy she claims she learned from her former beau. “I’m going to use your tactic that you told me about filming this show — it’s that if someone says something bad about you, never let them finish a sentence,” she says.

The Schwartz & Sandy’s entrepreneur, for his part, insists that Ariana invented the method. “That’s not what I said, I said you had to correct them,” he said, pointing his finger at Ariana. “That was your tactic. That was your tactic, motherfucker. You said these girls like to do propaganda.

ABOUT my Lisa Vanderpump then looks at Sandoval, asking, “Did you just call her motherf—ker?” The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras musician shrugs in response.

The tense moment isn’t the first time Sandoval has claimed Ariana thinks he’s stupid. “It hurts me because the person I love thinks I’m stupid or, like, boring. It definitely raises the question, like, are Ariana and I right for each other,” he said. he said in a confessional during an April episode of Pump Rules filmed while the duo were still dating.

Sandoval also blamed the couple’s relationship problems on a lackluster sex life. “Like a lot of relationships, it was like it became more, like, a best friend, a family [thing] — sometimes roommates,” he said during an April appearance on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast. “There were many ways the relationship just lacked intimacy, connection.”

Well done (2)

Ariana weighed in on her ex’s characterization of the situation when she appeared on “Call Her Daddy” earlier this month.

“It was like he wanted to have sex, but I was like, ‘But do you want to sleep with me? Is this about me or is this just about the act?'” A- she said, noting that she “wanted some quality time [with her then-boyfriend] so bad” but “felt like he was adding more and more to his plate.

The exes were forced to rehash their issues in the Pump Rules meeting. In the extended version of Part 1 – which hit Peacock on Thursday, May 25 – Ariana claimed that Sandoval rarely brings up her issues when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“[There was one time] the night he yelled at me for 45 minutes straight off camera,” she alleged.

Part 3 of season 10 Vanderpump Rules The reunion will air on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 7. Watch the extended, uncensored version of Part 2 on Peacock tomorrow.

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