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Rebel Wilson shares heartwarming photo of her daughter showing a striking resemblance

Rebel Wilson shares heartwarming photo of her daughter showing a striking resemblance

Rebel Wilson isn’t afraid to be a show-off when it comes to her only daughter Royce, who was born via surrogacy last November and shares with fiancée Ramona Agruma.

Not scoring any celebrations, the film creator recently took to social media with a charming view of herself with the tot, indicating how alike they look, much to the delight of their admirers.

Rebel Wilson and Little Royce Look Impressively Alike in New Instagram Update

Wilson is definitely her daughter’s number one fan and couldn’t resist flaunting her on Instagram over the weekend using two snaps of perfection. In the downloaded carouselCaptioned “My baby,” Royce was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit with tiny strawberry patterns, complete with a cute bow adorning her head.

Rebel Wilson and her daughter Royce

She also wore a pink polka dot bib designed with her name on it. In contrast, her mother, who wore her in both photos, wore a brown patterned cardigan and a white undershirt. The first slide showed the 43-year-old staring away from the camera as Royce looked mischievously at the camera in what looked like a living room.

However, in the next slide, the duo shared almost smiling looks at the camera, looking so much alike that commentators were quick to notice.

Commenters, as well as many Instagram users, were understandably taken with the post as it gained nearly half a million likes.

One of the remarks highlighting the resemblance of the mother-daughter duo read, “She is beautiful like her mom.” Another follower wrote, “Gorgeous photos; she has eyes like her mother.

“Your mini-me,” gushed a third admirer, adding a heart-eyes emoji, while a fourth remarked, “Awww, she looks like you.”

Similarly, a fifth commenter called Royce “beautiful” after noting that she looked identical to her mom. Agreeing, another fan wrote, “Awe she’s beautiful just like her moms.”

Another fan mentioned that the ‘Grimsby’ actress’ baby girl had her eyes, followed by another comment that read, “Mom’s twin! Little rebel.” Several other commenters were all about Royce’s angelic look, including one who exclaimed, “Oh my God!! The cutest little girl!!” Another wrote, “Omg she’s perfectly perfect,” and one voiced, “I mean…just the cutest thing.”

It won’t be the first time Wilson has flaunted her child’s face on the gram as she once did on Mother’s Day, celebrating her first major milestone as a mother. She posted three picturesincluding a family photo showing herself, her partner and their delighted baby girl.

Rebel Wilson and her daughter Royce

In the family photo, Royce donned a cute bunny eared beanie, pink cardigan and gray sweatshirts while snuggling between his delighted mothers, who wore cheerful outfits. The following image showed the growing baby practicing her walking steps with her proud mum showing her support with a huge smile.

In the final slide, the ‘How to Be Single’ star was captured in a serene moment with Royce as they rested on a dock and settled into a comfy gray blanket. The little one rocked an adorable blue and white bucket hat as her mum, dressed in an orange and pink ensemble, focused her attention on her.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” Wilson said in the caption, jokingly adding what she did at the start of the day. She wrote, “(I just woke up at 5:30am and changed a big 💩… how about you?).”

The “Struck by Lightning” singer slammed her first outing as a mother

Several weeks after welcoming Royce, Wilson was criticized for going on her first outing and leaving her daughter at home with the nanny.

She clapped back at the criticism on an episode of the ‘Life Uncut’ podcastnoting how shocked the “Bachelorette” actress was by the situation. When asked how she deals with judgments, she explained that Royce’s nanny had urged her to go out and have fun since the toddler, around a week old, was still sleeping.

Rebel Wilson Gives Fans a Close-Up of Her Daughter's Face to Celebrate First Mother's Day
Instagram | Rebel Wilson

Additionally, she said, “But I was shocked by the reviews because Chris Hemsworth goes to the gym; well, people don’t shout, ‘where is [sic] your children? What are you doing?’ But why do they do it to all women?

Wilson went on to express her belief that being a mother did not mean she should lose her identity as a person and not have a career or live her life despite how hard it might be.

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