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Prince Andrew ‘hesitant’ to leave royal box amid upcoming renovations for fear of being kicked out

Prince Andrew ‘hesitant’ to leave royal box amid upcoming renovations for fear of being kicked out

Prince Andrew does not leave his home without a fight! The late Queen Elizabeth II’s second son continues to clash with his older brother over his expulsion from the Royal Lodge.

The Duke of York has fallen out of favor after his alleged links to late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein came to light. After facing sexual assault charges, the 63-year-old was forced out of public office and lost his honorary military affiliations and royal charitable sponsorships.

Additionally, King Charles III reassigned his brother’s residence to his eldest son, Prince William, the heir apparent to the British throne. However, the father-of-two has no intention of voluntarily evacuating the scene. Please continue reading to learn more about the royal member’s situation.

Prince Andrew reportedly intends to stay in royal box amid renovations

By daily mail, the Duke of York insists never to leave the royal box, even vital. According to the publication, some necessary changes to Andrew’s home would be made later in the summer, including roof repairs.

Prince Andrew at the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

According to sources, the Windsor home had seven bedrooms on the top two floors. Therefore, it would be convenient for the Prince to move while the roof renovations were carried out temporarily.

Insiders have suggested the father-of-two should stay at empty Frogmore Cottage, the former UK residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The former Sussex home was gifted to Andrew by the King; however, the property was a reduced size compared to the Royal Lodge.

Despite the inconvenience he would face during the repairs, informants claimed the royal feared he would be permanently dislodged from his longtime home if he left the property. Regarding the Duke of York’s refusal to go, the sources lamented:

“It got crazy. Andrew has roof repairs scheduled for later this summer, which will take several months, and has been advised that staying in the house during these renovations could prove problematic. But he hesitates to leave. »

Echoing similar sentiments, another insider noted that Prince Andrew did not want to leave as he had more time to reside in the royal box as outlined in his lease with the late Queen Mother. “They originally wanted Andrew out of the Royal Lodge so the property could be refurbished and prepared for new tenants,” the source explained.

“But he’s adamant that since he has so many years left to run on his lease and has spent millions of his fortune renovating the place, he won’t be leaving his house,” continued the informant. “He has a very strong feeling, perhaps with some justification, that they are moving the goal posts suddenly, which is extremely unfair.”

Prince Andrew at Prince Philip's memorial service

The 63-year-old shares the £30million mansion with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The former couple were the sole occupants of the property, which Charles said could be put to better use. The late Queen Mother gave Andrew the lavish home on a long-term lease.

According to the publication, the Duke spent £7million of his private funds on renovations during his stay at the Royal Lodge, one of the alleged reasons for the Londoner’s reluctance to leave the residence.

Prince Andrew reportedly intends to end his long-term lease before leaving the royal box

In May, the Duke of York caused a stir by fighting his older brother’s deportation order. Sources close to the disgraced prince have claimed the Londoner will not leave his home for Prince William and his family.

The sons of the longest-serving monarch disagree over the occupation of the royal box. Andrew reportedly refused to leave his longtime home in Windsor, an eviction that was said to be part of the king’s plans to ‘shrink the monarchy’.

According to insiders, the 63-year-old wants to complete the 75-year lease for the property, which he signed in 2003. Given the delay, the father-of-two was around 55 to enjoy his stay at the Royal Lodge. However, the king wants his brother to move in with his former sister-in-law.

Under the monarch’s downsizing plans for the Duke, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son has cut his brother’s allowance by £249,000 and as a result Andrew may not be able to afford the necessary expenses for the operation of the mansion.

King Charles attends the 200th Sovereign's Parade

Regarding his feelings about the expulsion, sources claimed the former honorary member of Hughes Hall was saddened by his brother’s order. “He is so fragile. He refuses to see anyone. This has been his family home for 20 years. Is it wise to kick him out? laments the informant.

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