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Olivia Rodrigo fans react to her first single in two years: ‘Vampire!’

Olivia Rodrigo fans react to her first single in two years: ‘Vampire!’

It’s time to collect all the glittery vampires! Olivia Rodrigo’s new single in two years is now available!

Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 Billboard Women in Music Awards

June has been a busy month for the 20-year-old singer and actress. The “Driver’s License” singer began teasing her Instagram followers earlier this month with mysterious posts hinting that a new era in her career may be on the horizon!

Easter eggs and social media countdowns on Rodrigo’s official website have revealed two monumental events: his first album since 2021’s “Sour” and his first single!

Earlier this week, we covered a preview of the music video for “Vampire.” Now fans can watch the full music video on loop, and it’s now available to stream! Rodrigo’s fan base was beyond excited to welcome Rodrigo to the world of pop girls; keep reading to see how “lives” react to “Vampire!” »

What is the 4-1-1 on Rodrigo’s latest projects?

Rodrigo’s Instagram has been a busy stop for his fans lately!

Since she began sharing photos believed to contain clues related to her second album late last month, Rodrigo’s stream has become a regular destination for the “good four u” singer to sprinkle on treats related to “OR2” which was eventually revealed to be called “Guts”.

In a photo posted four days ago, Rodrigo wrote: “My second GUTS album is out September 8th. I’m so proud of this record and can’t wait to share it with you all! you can pre-record it now! xoxoxoxo❤️💜💌🖤” The news was enthusiastically received by lives, including influencer sisters Brooklyn and Bachelor Nation’s Bailey and Connor Brennan! (by The Blast)

Since announcing the preview for the “Vampire” music video, Rodrigo has released the full video, announcing that it was directed by artist and former rookie Petra Collins.

YouTube video player

Rodrigo capped off his week of big announcements with an Instagram carousel commemorating the release of “Vampire.”

Rodrigo wrote: “Vampire song and video now 🧛🏼. I did this with my talented and wonderful friend @dan_nigro last winter and created the video with the amazing @petrafcollins. Writing this song made me helped sort out the regrets, anger, and heartache. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album, and it was cathartic to finish. I’m so glad it’s between your hands now, and hope this helps you deal with all the leeches in your life. Many thanks 4ever ❤️” in the carousel caption.

‘Livies’ is giving ‘Vampire’ lots of love!

The lovely Olivia Rodrigo "Vampire" IG Easter egg

Rodrigo’s new pop bop has undoubtedly generated a lot of excitement!

Fans took to Twitter to chime in on the “Vampire” singer’s new era, sharing their reactions to the new single and accompanying video!

“she killed him again”, a fan writing.

“I’m so happy to be alive at the same time as Olivia Rodrigo”, another tweeted.

“Olivia Rodrigo’s Vampire is one of the few really great songs to come out this year, and I’m obsessed,” a music fan tweeted.

“Olivia Rodrigo talks about how GUTS is multifaceted, referring to bravery, growing your guts, hating your guts, and even trusting your guts. A mixture of honesty, intuition, bravery, etc. excellent title”, a fan weighed.

“Olivia Rodrigo was determined to beat the sophomore claims of crisis. There’s no denying that this song is PERFECTION,” another tweeted.

“Vampire” is now available to stream! Olivia Rodrigo’s second album, “Guts”, will be released on September 8!

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