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New ‘American Idol’ champ breaks silence on show’s ‘rigging scandal’

New ‘American Idol’ champ breaks silence on show’s ‘rigging scandal’

I Am Tongi is already feeling the effects of fame after her “American Idol” win!

The newly crowned champion of the music show’s 21st season has finally broken his silence on the recent scandal surrounding the show’s alleged faking. Viewers are expected to have their favorites in every competition, and they certainly made it clear.

Rising Star Iam Tongi Speaks Out On Controversial ‘American Idol’ Allegations

Amid speculation and rumors of unfair practices, the talented entertainer has tackled the controversy head-on. While some viewers believed he deserved the title, others accused the show of rigging the results in his favor, favoring sympathy over the talent of fellow contestant, Colin Stough.

Coming from Tongan and Samoan heritage, he achieved a historic milestone by winning and becoming the first individual from Hawaii to claim the coveted top spot.

The new champion
Instagram | Now Tongi

In a statement to Daily mailTongi responded to the allegations, expressing his indifference to the negative attention and even stating that he “loves” it. He also shared that his late father, Rodney Tongi, who died in 2021, prepared him for the potential backlash of being in the spotlight.

The artist reflected on his father’s advice: “My father always told me that your music was not for everyone. There will be people who don’t like it, and that’s fine; It’s normal. Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone thinks what they think. So, it’s OK.

When dealing with enemies online, he chooses to respond with kindness. He admitted to liking some of the negative posts because he thinks it’s necessary to let these things happen and learn from them.

The “I’ll Be Seeing You” singer humbly admitted, “But look, [my] music is not for everyone. And I have to learn this the hard way. Conveying his admiration for Stough, he fondly said, “I love Colin, man. He’s such a nice guy. He shared his anticipation of reuniting with him to “reconnect and have fun.”

Tongi stressed that he has no intention of prosecuting those who do not support him. Instead, he will direct his attention to individuals who do. Appreciating the love and support from his community, he revealed that he will not be actively pursuing fans. He added:

“I’m going to be myself and do what I love and have fun while I do it and see what happens, happens.”

I Am Tongi’s Win On “American Idol” Which Initially Attracted Massive Support Soompi

The new champion
Instagram | Now Tongi

Following the thrilling conclusion to the latest episode of “American Idol,” fans took to social media to share their reactions as Tongo-Samoan contestant Iam Tongi was crowned the winner.

The talented high school student outperformed fellow finalists Megan Danielle (second place) and Colin Stough (third place), instantly capturing fans’ attention and adoration and turning into an overnight sensation.

the explosion reported that many people shared their joy after Tongi’s captivating performance of his original masterpiece, “I’ll See You,” finally securing his position as the winner. Responding to a tweet that shared a link to his rendition of ‘Monsters’ with famed singer James Blunt, one fan ecstatic with excitement tweeted:

“What a great 3 hours of fun! Outstanding performance by Reuben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Congratulations to Iam Tongi. I’m sure the others will be fine too. 💕.”

A fan with humor claims that everyone who visited their pet hospital voted for Iam, while another jokingly mention“Guys I lost my wife to Iam Tongi reaction videos. I don’t know if or when I will ever get her back. Meanwhile, a fourth Twitter user expressed satisfaction, indicating“America got it right this time.”

Amid the overwhelming support, fans shared their suggestionswith one person proposing the idea that Disney/ABC would consider Tongi for a role in the live-action adaptation of “Moana” to help “launch her career”, pointing out that the same company owns both productions.

while another tweeted“I’m Tongi so deserve this win.”

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