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Melissa McCarthy Calls ‘Gilmore Girls’ Production: ‘Somebody Passed Out’

Melissa McCarthy Calls ‘Gilmore Girls’ Production: ‘Somebody Passed Out’

Melissa McCarthy played the friendly “Sookie” on Gilmore Girls, but the set wasn’t as fancy as the show appeared on TV.

Melissa McCarthy was very hot

Melissa McCarthy wears quot Say Gay apos headband as she attends WeHo Pride

One of the main things that will forever stand out for McCarthy is how she was on set. “Sometimes we were crammed into little things with coats, but it was actually 112 degrees in Burbank, [California]. And we were like, ‘Brrr, Connecticut!’ “recalls the actress.

She spoke with Weekly entertainment, giving all the inside scoop on life on set. Many like that the mood of the show is so quaint. A tiny little town that was home to a single mother who was just trying to get by and her daughter who was navigating between first loves and big school problems she could handle.

Melissa McCarthy remembers the hoops they jumped

apos The Little Mermaid apos UK film premiere

The little Mermaid The actress clarified that something that never made sense on set was how random the scripts would be at times. “And I was like, ‘Do we explain why I have malaria and why I’m sweating so badly?'”

She also remembers a cast member who passed her because of the heat and the excessive wardrobe. “When we did our first poster, someone passed out,” she said with a smile. “Like, just [passed] cold because we were all in coats and trying to look windy, and we just sweat in weird places, and [they were] like, ‘Look cold!’

Melissa McCarthy said ‘no’ to revival

Paapa Essiedu and Melissa McCarthy on set of Bernard and The Genie apos

Many fans were hoping to see Sookie St. James in Netflix’s revival, but she wasn’t offered a role on the show. It was something that ruffled fans the wrong way. “Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately no one asked me or Sookie to return to Stars Hollow.”

She revealed the sad news after a fan mentioned her lack of enthusiasm and she wasn’t promoting anything Gilmore Girls the comeback. “Wish them the best!” ” she wrote. Fans noticed the absence and discussed it online.

That didn’t stop them from loving the standalone season. And creator Amy Sherman-Palladino admitted to trying to get McCarthy on set. By speaking with TV lineshe said the actresses’ schedules are busy.

Melissa McCarthy is a busy woman

Melissa McCarthy on Hire with quot Bernard and the Genie quot

McCarthy is always welcome, however, the director said. “She is very busy. But I said [to her teams, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene.”

She continued. “Melissa was one of us. Suppose she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] – even if it was just for one appearance – we’d be totally in for it. And if it’s a last minute thing, I’ll write to him, and we’ll find a solution. That’s how we left it.

McCarthy revealed months later that she had been working on something and returned to be part of the 90 Minutes finale.

“I went back and visited about two weeks ago and saw the sets and everyone on them again, and it just felt – oh, my God, I’m getting so sentimental. It was like the greatest idea in the world. It was just lovely. It was just lovely.

She continued her experience: “There was the longest time when it just wasn’t going to work, in terms of timing, and then once we decided, like, ‘Is there a possible way ?’ Something big fell on me [and] something has changed for them.

And one of the best things about that time was that no one passed out and they weren’t hot.

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