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Lourdes Leon rushes to mum Madonna’s hospital bedside as she battles mystery infection

Lourdes Leon rushes to mum Madonna’s hospital bedside as she battles mystery infection

Madonna was rushed to hospital this weekend after a “serious bacterial infection” left her unresponsive and in intensive care.

Madonna is recovering from a horrific infection

Madonna Announces Greatest Hits World Tour

The 64-year-old is due to go on tour in less than 3 weeks and is currently in hospital. The singer’s manager, Guy O’Seary, confirmed the news in an Instagram post. He stressed that she was still ‘under medical care’

The eldest daughter of the international star, Lourdes, has not left her mother’s bedside. According to O’Seary’s message, Madonna should make a full recovery purchase just need time to do so.

He wrote. “On Saturday June 24, Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several-day stay in intensive care. Her health is improving; however, she is still under medical care. A full recovery is expected.

His update continued. “At this time, we will have to suspend all commitments, including the tour. We will share more details with you as soon as we have them, including a new start date for the tour and for rescheduled shows.

Madonna is home now

Lourdes Leon talks about her relationship with Madonna, mom

Luckily, the “Ray of Light” singer is now at home according to a source for Daily To post. “She is out of intensive care and recovering.” Madoinna’s tour titled “Madonna: The Celebration Tour”, was scheduled to run from July 15, 2023 to January 30, 2024.

It’s her 12e tour and it will send the singer to North America and Europe with 84 shows. Madonna is very active on social media, her last post being on June 23, when she was preparing for a concert with a roots touch-up.

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