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Lindsie Chrisley Explains How She Avoids ‘Drama’ With Her Famous Siblings

Lindsie Chrisley Explains How She Avoids ‘Drama’ With Her Famous Siblings

The eldest daughter of the Chrisley clan, Lindsie Chrisley, is telling the world she’s allergic to family drama amid Todd and Julie Chrisley’s incarceration.

Lindsie, born to Todd and his ex-wife Teresa Terry, was featured on the family reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” until her final appearance in season five. She has reportedly distanced herself from her family since 2017, including her siblings, whom she doesn’t follow on social media, for an interesting reason she recently disclosed.

Lindsie Chrisley Says She Blocked All Her Siblings Over Argument

During a Q&A on Lindsie’s Instagram story, a fan wanted to know why she decided to unfollow her siblings on social media. The fan asked, “No drama, just curious; why don’t you and your siblings follow each other on social media? »

Lindsie Chrisley explains why she blocked her siblings

In responsethe reality star clarified that it was all her fault, but even so, their relationship was still friendly without any drama. “Well, since I’m being honest,” she wrote.

“I locked everyone in an argument because I didn’t want to deal with it. So it’s my fault. My b. No drama, though; it’s fine. We’re all fine.” She dropped the revealing update in a photo of herself smiling in bed with loosely tied hair and no makeup.

Although not very close to her parents, Lindsie supports her sister Savannah Chrisley as little as she can in the midst of caring for their younger siblings. Fans may recall that since Todd and Julie Chrisley were jailed last November for fraudulent activities, Savannah has taken custody of 16-year-old Grayson and her 10-year-old niece Chloe, who is like a sister to She.

The beauty expert doesn’t seem to be alone with the responsibility as her half-sister opened up on her Instagram Story on how she “offered to help” Savannah. “I can’t get much out of another state,” Lindsie explained. “And I feel like my parents and I parent differently, and sometimes advice in a new situation isn’t well received. You have to learn from experience.

She added that while she’s shared things with Savannah that have worked for her, the podcaster has a “good support system” with Nannie and Julie’s mom, and everything was going well. The 33-year-old also highlighted how close Savannah was to the siblings before the custody, making the process even easier.

She wrote: “It helps that they filmed together and were already a big part of each other’s lives.” In conclusion, Lindsie noted that she had been a mother for over a decade, so her life was totally different from her half-sister’s life before her parents were imprisoned.

Still, she believed that God would make it all work out in the end, as she stated, “If God gets you there, he’ll get you through it.”

Lindsie Chrisley

Before Lindsie’s explanation, Savannah lamented on an episode of her “Unlocked With Savannah” podcast that she was in the “angry part of heartbreak” at the time and was furious with everything. She pointed out that given how her parents’ situation affected the family, she doubted she would ever have children. However, she made it clear that she does not regret taking on the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings.

The South Carolina native applauded Black for Abby Lee Miller’s opinions of her father

Since Todd and Julie’s incarceration, people have come out with opinions, not all of them positive, including “Dance Moms” alum Abby Lee Miller, who publicly addressed the situation in an interview.

Miller reportedly described Todd as “very bubbly” during the encounter and claimed he would have a hard time adjusting to the simplicity of prison life. She also mentioned that she had previously told patriarch Chrisleys to “be careful” during their supposed exchange about life in prison before he was taken into custody.

Lindsie was unimpressed with Miller’s statements as she slammed her on an April episode of the ‘Southern Tea’ podcast, believing the older entertainer had no right to discuss his business. father.

She said, “I don’t mean that in a petty way, and it’s probably going to sound a little petty, but what she did, in my opinion, was very inappropriate.”

Savannah Chrisley and Todd Chrisley

The September born felt that Miller betrayed her father by broadcasting their exchanges to the public. She then advised him to use his platform more productively and to stop being “thirsty” for headlines.

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